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Youth of Blue Ridge
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Youth of Blue Ridge


Join us as we celebrate the future generations of Virginia! 

Our founding state of Virginia has seen great accomplishments throughout history, but the best part about it is that history is still being made today! Our youth represent our state, so it’s great to see them putting amazing effort into making their communities a better place! Youth of the Blue Ridge is a voice for young people giving back to their community who want to share their story. 

How To Participate

  1. Snap a picture of yourself or a friend doing something good in their community!

  2. Upload the picture to a Word document.

  3. Type a small description of where (organization, city) the picture was taken and what the individual was participating in/doing and why it was significant to their community.

  4. Ensure all contact information on the submittal form is correct before attaching and submitting your document.

  5. Wait to be contacted!

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