Celebrate Independence Day at Winchester Brew Works

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Celebrate Independence Day at Winchester Brew Works
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IndePINTdence Day Winchester Brew Works

Three Chefs and Three Breweries celebrate IndePINTdence Day!

Join three Winchester breweries in an early July 4th celebration at Winchester Brew Works in Winchester, Virginia.

Enjoy a great menu by three top chefs from Taste of Blue Ridge’s Root to Table.

  • Chef Erik Foxx – Nettnin – Magnolias at the Mill
  • Chef Steve Ferrell – Hillbrook Inn and Spa
  • Chef Chris Buckler – The George Washington Hotel.

Owners Holly and Bonnie welcome two Winchester Breweries to this event  –

  • Alesatian Brewing Company
  • Escutcheon Brewing.

Breweries Expand Into the Shenandoah Valley

Virginia natives know that if you want a great craft beer, straight from the tap, you go to Northern Virginia. While the region has been dominated by the wine and vineyard industry for decades, they’re slowly starting to learn to make room for their beer relatives. Winchester and its surrounding regions have turned the area into an oasis for beer lovers, and a haven specifically for craft beer enthusiasts. Just this month, actually, will see a recurrence of beer-themed events starting with Hops week running through to Taste of Blue Ridge‘s & Winchester Brew Works’ collaborative Root to Table event, IndePINTdence Day – an early July 4th celebration.

The younger generations are set trailblazers; they’re not afraid to break the mold and do things differently. That’s why it should only make sense that they’re going to drink differently, too. More varied than the reliable big name beer companies are the craft breweries popping up everywhere. It’s far removed from your dad’s favorite brand, yet tasty enough to appeal to women as well. Craft brewing is the new face of beer – what better way to celebrate America’s Independence and it’s newfound love of craft beer than at Winchester Brew Works?

Winchester Brew Works owners

Bonnie and Holly of Winchester Brew Works

An Interview With the Owners

We got the fortunate opportunity to sit down with not just one of the owners, but both! Running a business is not for the weak, and Holly and Bonnie represent the best of the American Dream: Two women who left their corporate jobs behind to pursue what made them happy. We’d say that they’ve achieved success, with year number three of being open almost behind them. Enjoy!


Q: So what’s been going on at the Brewery lately?

A: “It’s just been really busy,” Holly Redding replied. Winchester Brew Works’ Marketing Manager and co-owner, Holly is always a delight to speak with.

I grabbed them both right smack in the middle of Hop Blossom week, Winchester’s craft beer festival that features over 40 different breweries.

“There’s that, and then we’re hosting a panel tonight with a bunch of people over,” Holly sighs.

“It’s just events everyday!” Bonnie chimed in. With a background in chemical engineering, Bonnie works behind the scenes most days brewing beer and figuring out new tasty formulas.

Winchester Brew Works exterior

Q: IndePINTdence Day – why did you guys decide to put this together?

A: [Holly] “Well, this is the third year we’ve done an IndePINTdence Day event. We typically do red, white and blue beer and we’ll have a food truck, live music… so we’ve done that for the last couple of years. This year we’re excited to kinda combine that with Taste; have the chefs come out and do their thing to pair with some of our small bites. It’s just an exciting way to bring in a new element.”

[Bonnie] “It’ll be nice because we’re going from it being a small event that we just put on, to more of a festival atmosphere.”

If you’ve been to previous year’s IndePINTdence Day, you’ll notice a different kind of festive flair this year. When you bring in outside elements that are all set to collaborate under one roof, the results can be amazing. Right off the bat, IndePINTdence Day is going to be a huge success simply because of the amazing people who’ll be there. You can expect to pair gourmet dishes from Magnolias at the Mill, The George Washington Hotel, the Hillbrook Inn, and more with complimenting craft beer flavors by Winchester Brew Works, Escutcheon Brewing, Alesatian Brewing, and more.


*Here’s how it works:* You can buy tickets that will be your currency for the duration of the event. Tickets are exchanged for plates of food and beer. Easy, simple, and you can grab your tickets here!

Winchester Brew Works Red White & Blue beer

Interesting Tip: The red, white and blue beers will literally be red, white and blue. The colors are achieved through varied fruit purées. The “white” will be Winchester Brew Works’ famous Coconut Canoe Love – so refreshing.


Q: What are you guys most looking forward to with this event?

A: [Holly] “I think it’ll open us up to a new crowd. Having the chefs that are coming from Loudoun County who’ve never been out this way before… And this’ll only be the second time we’ve ever done something like this before, a brewery, tasting and beer-pairing event. We’ve done a beer dinner in the past, but this’ll be the first time we’ve ever done anything like this.” She also added in that they are really looking forward to forming new relationships with the chefs and people in surrounding areas.

[Bonnie] “I would just love to see more events like this in Winchester in general, with small tastings that elevate the food scene a little bit.”

Winchester Brew Works beer

They both agreed that it makes the food more approachable when paired with a more casual craft beer, and especially when paired with the relaxed environment that Winchester provides. It’s not everyday that some of the region’s top executive chefs are all in one space cooking up platters that are designed to be enjoyed with beer rather than wine. This event will have the spirit of a foodie festival without all the headache of planning, driving, etc. Winchester natives, this awesome event will be right in your backyard!

If you’re looking for a way to kick off your 4th of July festivities, this is it! IndePINTdence Day is guaranteed to deliver awesome beer, delicious food, live music, and fun with friends! You can grab your tickets here ahead of time or buy on site. Just make sure to come out ready to eat, drink, and most importantly, be merry! There’s no better place to celebrate America than right here in the founding state of Virginia at the region’s top community-gathering spot – Winchester Brew Works!