Where to Ski Close to Home with Kids

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Where to Ski Close to Home with Kids
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“Family bonding – a hidden plus on the Ski Slope” Looking for some snow fun with your family?


Look no further than Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley, just one hour outside of Washington, D.C. where Go Blue Ridge Travel highlights the region’s top ski resorts in Virginia to take your family skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and so much more.

When the temperatures get low, some folks head indoors, but for those interested in enjoying the great outdoors, the family fun has just begun. There are many options available at Massanutten Resort in Harrisonburg, as well as the clear blue sky of Bryce Resort, near Mount Jackson. There’s plenty of things to do in Virginia’s ski resorts for all levels of experience from adrenaline junkie’s double black diamonds courses to the family fun-lovin’ Kinder School, where even young ones can learn. After an exhilarating day of family enjoyment one can relax by a warm fireplace, and enjoy a nice big meal with lodging accommodations ranging from luxurious to moderate. From an indoor water park, snow tubing, ice skating, and horse-drawn sleigh rides, there’s no better time than now to plan your getaway and experience all that the Shenandoah Valley has to offer for your family.

Kenny Hess Director of Sports and Risk Management at Massanutten Resort states, “We pride ourselves on having family activities and amenities,” he said. “We do more than 130 activities per week which range from tie dying to wine makers dinner depending on what your family wants to do. There is a plethora of opportunities here at Massanutten.”

Bryce Resort is the perfect destination for family skiing, with 25 acres of skiable terrain and a vertical height of around 500 feet. “A lot of the time, we will see families who are skiers,” said Doug Grayson of Bryce Resort’s Marketing and Promotions Manager. “Their children are now becoming snowboarders, and their children want to ski. It’s interesting to see how it flips back and forth, as long as everyone is on the snow, we’re happy.”

In contrast, Massanutten Resort’s downhill skiing offers a 1,100-foot vertical drop ranging in difficulty from beginners to black diamond. There are various slopes to experience, including a terrain park available for riders and ski boarders, not to mention their tubing hill. If one is a night owl, both Massanutten and Bryce light up the slopes with night skiing, too.


Ski Training for Kids –
Bryce Resort offers Kinder Ski for children ages 4.5 to-7 years old for both skiing and snowboarding. There’s also private lessons ranging from ages 5 years and up, it’s never too late to learn how to ski!

Doug Grayson Bryce Resort states, “I believe the thing that sets Bryce Resort apart from any other ski resort are the multigenerational families that come here. They bring their families, who bring their kids, and their kids’ friends, who bring other families, each who come back for more. We’re known for our skiing. Our ski school director and his son are a perfect example of multigenerational skiing. For the 50 years our existence, they have skied and brought their friends and families. We pride ourselves on the fact that everyone who comes to Bryce is a part of our family. We remember their names and faces, so we can say hi and welcome each and every one of them.”

In contrast, Massanutten offers a wide variety of ski training sessions from a pathway programs for first-time skiers and snowboarders to intermediate sessions as well as adaptive instruction for all ages and abilities. Kenny Hess of Massanutten Resort states, “I think the multigenerational aspect, as far as Massanutten Resort goes, is that we are a family resort, in that skiing is one of the few activities that toddlers and grandparents can participate in. Skiing is a family sport that creates memories for a child’s lifetime.”

Not everyone is able to excel in this extreme sport, but for those who have mastered it, both Massanutten and Bryce resorts offer perfect ground parks built with many obstacles for those willing to challenge the snow.

Snow Tubing-
This particular type of snow experience is one for the whole family to enjoy. The absolute joy of racing down the mountain, spinning in circles, either headfirst or feet first, is an activity the family won’t want to miss. Don’t feel like walking back up the hill? No problem, both resorts have lifts that’ll take one right back up to the mountain for more amusement. “I think the nature of our business as a family resort locks people in so that families can come back year after year. The benefits of our resort over others is the activities such as snow tubing, ice skating or the waterpark, just adds to those memories,” says Kenny Hess of Massanutten Resort.

Cabins and Condos-
Both Massanutten and Bryce Resorts offer different packages for a family winter escape. There are a wide variety of cabins, vacations homes to rent, and hotel’s in the area for the clan to choose from or to get warm by the fire while enjoying a relaxing getaway. Search Go Blue Ridge Travel’s region accommodation directory for more information.