What To Get Him for Valentine’s Day

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What To Get Him for Valentine’s Day
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As Told by Our Staff 

If thinking about what to get your male counterpart for Valentine’s Day makes you brainstorm for more than 24 hours, it might be safe to say that you need a little guidance. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to take a step back and look at tried and true gift ideas from our own staff! With that in mind, we hope that this will help inspire you to discover your own unique idea for your partner!

Nancy – For the Mr. Particular

My man is so particular that buying clothes is just impossible.  He has only kept one item I bought him over the years and then only because I threatened to end this relationship if he sent it back. He wears it once a year.  The big thing I have learned is that you cannot change your man – love him for who he is.  So that being said, if I get him his favorite Scotch he is always happy and smiling. If I take him to the restaurant he loves Hunter’s Head Tavern, he is very happy. He is not open to me picking an event or an experience I would like to do. I do that for myself and invite him but not as a gift to him.  I have also learned that men truly love gift cards to their favorite stores.  My son-in-law rarely answers my email quickly but sending him a REI gift card for Christmas to his email address got a Wow from him… mission accomplished.  Once again, he also loves  his favorite alcohol gifts.  I have also found that putting cash in a gift box is a win too.

Erin – For the guy who says “you are his gift”

Valentine’s Day falls one week after my boyfriend’s birthday, so I recently asked him for gift ideas. His response: “You already gave me my gift, it’s you!” That’s sweet right? But unfortunately it is not very helpful when he knows I still want to get him something. He and I were long distance for the first year of our relationship, so I decided to surprise him last year with a Valentine’s Day basket full of his favorite treats. I included a heart-felt handwritten card, his favorite candy and snacks, and a sentimental keychain with our initials on it (from Etsy) to show though we are apart, our hearts are together. He absolutely loved it! You would have thought I had surprised him with a new car. So if your guy doesn’t “want” any gifts, get creative. Put together something special whether it is a photo album from your favorite vacation or a box of his favorite goodies, the thought behind a sentimental gift is often more meaningful than something material.



Allison – For the geeky boyfriend 

What do you get the man who has everything? Anything he could ever possibly wish for he buys for himself. This leaves me little room to get him something he actually wants. And on a college budget, I can’t afford to buy him huge, landmark gifts. Whatever I get him usually ends up being practical and useful, things that he doesn’t think he needs but actually does – like clothes. For Valentine’s Day though, I’m going to make sure I put a lot of thought into it. It’s going to be something borderline romantic/nerdy. These lightsaber chopsticks, followed by a meal at Chinatown, would be perfect because they combine his two favorite things – sushi and Star Wars.

Brandy – For the guy who has everything

When choosing a gift for our partners, it is typical to utter (repeatedly) the phrase “They have everything”. . . and of course they do, they have YOU! But since it’s uncomfortable and quite difficult to wrap yourself in a box, time for plan B! Now plan B for my husband is nearly impossible. His birthday falls a few days after Christmas, so in a week I have exhausted all my gift ideas and there is very little time to recharge by February. Plus, any item left on his wish list tends to be accompanied by a ridiculous price tag (65’ 4K curved screen TV, really dude?). So I’ve gotten creative.

For the past few years, I’ve been saving myself a frustrating shopping trip, jumped online, and ordered experiences or “of the month” subscriptions for him. Excitations offers experiences like cigar tastings, cooking classes, outdoor trips, race car driving, photography lessons, and when you want to reap the benefits as well, couple’s adventures. I loved the boat excursion on the Potomac that ended in a Nationals game! It’s way better than buying him more clothes and BONUS you create memories instead of laundry. The “of the month” subscriptions always get me a high-five too! You can have anything from bacon to beer to hot sauce delivered to your doorstep once a month. It’s the gift that keeps giving. . . literally! And who doesn’t want Fed-Ex to drop 2 pounds of bacon at your feet every month???!!

We hope our ideas help inspire you to find your own unique gift for the man in your life!

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