Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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Valentine’s Day on a Budget
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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! How can it fit in your monthly budget? It’s the one day out of the year where the pressure of consumerism makes us feel it’s mandatory to go all out for our significant other. This can be a tough one on your wallet, especially right after the holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be! So don’t panic when everything in store turns pink and red and heart shaped! Here are some easy and affordable ideas for this Valentine’s Day that won’t break the bank!

Do good deeds ( Free! )

 You know that sink full of dishes your SO hates waking up to in the morning? Do them! They’ve been putting off getting the car washed due to lack of time – wash it! Does your partner usually do the cooking? Your turn! It really can be as simple as tackling a load of laundry (yes, including the extraneous part of folding the clothes afterwards), or putting the kids to bed so your partner has a little extra time to relax. Do that tedious daily task that you know your partner loathes doing; it’s that simple!

Create something personal with what you have ( Free! )

 For example: if you have blank CDs lying around, make a mixtape! Create a themed track list or just add meaningful songs that remind you of good times or relationship milestones. You could also use a USB drive and include not only music, but pictures of memorable moments as well. If you don’t have access to these options, there’s always a classic love letter. No shorthand tech-y spellings here! Bonus points if it’s in cursive. A little cheese can go a long way! Even then, if you aren’t able to put your feelings into words, you can miniaturize the task by leaving small little handwritten sticky notes around the house in spaces you know they frequent.

Explore your local area ( Free! )

 This includes places you’ve already been, or possibly met at. Pretend to be a “local tourist” with your loved one. This could also include a more adventurous theme, like hiking or biking somewhere. No matter where the two of you end up, make sure you take the time to experience things together, truly enjoy the time spent wandering about together. Don’t use this time to half-heartedly commit to your partner and the experience by staying on your phone the whole time.


Flowers ( $ )

 Ah, roses… Their smell is so fragrant and their blooms symbolic of love. But before you buy an entire bouquet of them, consider the fact that flowers become very in demand on this holiday meaning more cash coming out of your wallet. And because of such a high demand, the quality isn’t going to be as good, either. Opt for just a single rose, or even better, a potted plant! The potted plant will live and thrive with your relationship – and water, of course!

Chocolate ( $ )

The ultimate V-Day gift – chocolate! Optional is a bouquet of flowers to go with it (your local grocery store probably sells fresh assortments for under 10$). Historically, chocolate is a Valentine’s Day “must.” You can go with a typical Russell Stover’s heart shaped box, or go to a local bakery for a customized option. Either way, this is an easy thing to pick up and enjoy with your loved one, perhaps over a classic B&W film like “Casablanca”! Note: if your partner doesn’t like chocolate, I’ve yet to meet a single person who dislikes macarons! Check out Nibblins for a personalized assortment of sweets for your partner!

Matinee movie and dinner ( $ )

A classic option, which can be accompanied by either a homemade meal or a restaurant dinner, is ideal if there’s something the two of you have wanted to see. This year’s Valentine’s Day options: for the women, “La La Land”, for the men, “Star Wars: Rogue One”. Maybe you’re lucky and there’s a movie the two of you collectively want to see, even better! At matinée prices, you can afford to throw in popcorn as well! The Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, VA offers great prices in a unique, restaurant-like setting.

Lastly, it is always free to just spend time together. As we get older, time tends to become more valuable as schedules become more hectic or other obstacles get thrown into the mix. Remember to cherish each other and take the time to tell them that above all, you love and appreciate them. Be kind. You don’t need to spend money to prove how much you love someone, we’ve given you proof! Go Blue Ridge Travel hopes your Valentine’s Day this year is just as special as the one you’ll be sharing it with.

Valentine's Day on a Budget

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