Vacationing as a Family

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Vacationing as a Family
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Family vacation

As families everywhere travel near and far to see their loved ones for Christmas, most are too focused on gift-giving and catching up that they forget to make plans to stay in touch! Why not see your family more than a couple of times a year? Christmas festivities provide the perfect outlet to get together and discuss warmer musings of potential vacation plans where everyone can get together, relax and have fun. Recover those lost moments by creating new memories somewhere fun!

Family on ChristmasThe best time to plan for spring and summer vacation is during the winter. Many people, myself included, have a hard time planning because we wait until the last minute to do it. Rushing creates a stressful atmosphere to try to plan for a vacation in. You may be missing out on deals, ideas, and expenses because you weren’t able to take your time planning. Not only will you find the best travel deals before they sell out when you plan early (after all, the early bird catches the worm), you’ll be able to plan better, budget better, and ultimately have something to look forward to as you battle through the cold, snowy months of the New Year by planning over Christmas.

Destination is key, and the more people you add to the mix, the harder it’s going to be to try and please everybody. Don’t despair, though! While we believe in escaping to the mountains and valleys of the Blue Ridge, some might prefer a warm beach. We recognize every preference and even have some great ideas for your family to discuss while huddled together for Christmas drinks.

Shenandoah Valley

The Shenandoah Valley is ideal for outdoor lovers as well as homebodies. It’s perfect for craft beer drinkers as well as wine connoisseurs; adventure seekers and risk takers, comfort-dwellers and easygoing people alike. Those seeking an amazing experience that is somewhat close to home will love the beautiful mountains. The Shenandoah Valley provides beautiful scenery with so many fun things to do. Every mountain jutting out into the sky represents a challenge – something to be conquered; something to embrace. The mountains conjure up images of smoky, misty forests, rocks, earth, and other elements that are just good for the soul. When you choose the Shenandoah Valley, you and your family can rest assured that it’ll be a fulfilling experience, something that goes beyond surface level pleasures. Visit unique petting zoos, concert venues, breweries and vineyards, restaurants, and resorts, all while having the option of recreational activities like hiking, rafting, and tubing. Go Blue Ridge Travel is the perfect outlet to discover what’s new in the Valley.

family adventureWhile some prefer the relaxation of warm sea breeze and the exfoliation of sand on their feet, others find comfort in the fresh air and curvature of the mountains and rivers. Burn easily? Choose the mountains. Prefer a little more seclusion and wild life instead of wild parties? Choose the mountains. Looking for an authentic vacation that is suitable for all ages and every family member? Again, choose the mountains! There is no greater escape than to the Shenandoah Valley, where adventure waits around every corner.

No matter where you end up on Christmas, it’s always a good time to plan an adventure with the people you want to keep close forever.

Merry Christmas!