Traveling the World – A Student’s Passion

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Traveling the World – A Student’s Passion
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Growing up in Richmond, Virginia with two brothers, I always wondered what else was out there in the world. From a young age I developed the desire to travel, begging and pleading my mom whenever I’d see an ad in a magazine or a movie showcasing far off destinations, “Can we please go there?”  To my surprise, she eventually said yes, resulting in a missions trip to Ecuador. Since then I’ve been hooked, and have been able to add many stamps in my passport visiting all over Europe with my father. I credit my love for writing to all of the books I’ve read in my life that helped me, more than any class I’ve ever taken, learn a large vocabulary early on and how to express my thoughts through pen and paper.

Today I attend Shepherd University, working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. As I approach my senior year, I find myself again wondering where I will go next in life, this time adding a career to my itinerary instead.

Interning here at Go Blue Ridge Travel has been a wonderful experience for me! It has completely changed me from a nervous business prospect to a much more experienced and confident individual. Aside from providing me with the basic technical skills employers everywhere will require, it helped me cultivate and grow the skills I already had. Touching on communications, marketing, tourism, PR and social media, and of course, writing, working for GoBRT has been the ultimate internship experience. I’ve learned so much.

I am incredibly grateful to Nancy and the Go Blue Ridge Travel team for offering me a position at the end of my internship. Community Engineer & Digital Content Coordinator is my new title that I happily wear, and it pertains to my ability to act as both guide and informant on all things GoBRT. Aside from this, I’ll be overseeing all future content pushed out through the company and heavily involved in our partners future campaigns.

I’m optimistic about where my journey will lead me; I know I will always have Nancy and Go Blue Ridge Travel to thank for helping feed my desire to explore the best things in life.

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