Transitioning Into the Holidays

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Transitioning Into the Holidays
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Are you one of those people who immediately puts on Christmas music as soon as the last spooky night of October comes to an end? While there’s nothing wrong with putting up the tree the morning of November 1st (or is there?), we would suggest that you take things slow this holiday season and really let each memorable event finish out completely. Hey, we’ve still got several weeks before turkey day is upon us, so lets enjoy them for what they are – candy recovery season!

sneaking into halloween candyStart out small. Remove the temptation from out in front of you and store it away. Yeah, we’re talking about that giant bowl of candy with a third of the sweet stuff still remaining – relocate it to a Ziploc bag and store it somewhere out of eyesight. One of the many health concerns for people over the months leading up to Christmas is weight gain, so you might as well do yourself a favor and save that room for Thanksgiving!

pumpkin pie


Turn those pumpkins into pie! This truly is going to provide the closure you need for going from full Hallow’s Eve mode to family-friendly functions time. You’re literally going to take Halloween, cut it up, stick it in an oven and then eat it, while simultaneously consuming your first annual Thanksgiving dessert. Seems super efficient, right? Get baking!

Explore one last scary location. We’re talking ghosts, hauntings, and other atmospherically dark hot spots! There are two kinds of people: ones who think it’s Halloween all year round and ones who turn the front porch light off, close the blinds, and don’t even acknowledge it. We’re not asking that you choose which side you belong to, just that you consider letting those scary vibes linger a little longer than normal. The perfect places to get all of those Halloween jitters out in preparation for oncoming holidays is listed below:

Mt. Hebron

Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester VA

Now permanent homes to the ghosts of the thousands of Civil War soldiers who died in Winchester’s hospitals, there have been many sightings reported. This is a cemetery and gatehouse where you have a good chance of encountering the supernatural, but also the perfect location for a fun, historical fall walk.

Abram’s Delight, Winchester VA

Abram’s Delight was home to five generations of the Hollingsworth family beginning in the mid-1700s. Now a historic museum complex, it is rumored to be haunted by one of the daughters of the family, Mary. She is said to appear as a big, hulking woman about 6 feet tall, which would be a pretty frightening thing to see.

Apollo Theatre, Martinsburg, WV

Built in 1913, the Apollo theatre hosted both vaudeville and the “new motion picture craze” sweeping the nation. Today, the theatre hosts stage productions, and possibly an old ghostly manager from the 1920s – Charlie. Visitors and actors report smelling cigar smoke before performances, and he’s even been seen walking around the block. If you’re interested in supernatural phenomena and stage productions, look no further!

By the Side of the Road B&B, Harrisonburg, VA

Once home to one of the early leaders of Mennonite Church, this bed and breakfast was also used as a hospital during the Civil War and housed Union General Philip Sheridan. Rumor has it that the spirits here like opening and closing doors, running up and down the stairs at 2 a.m., and making strange noises throughout the day. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the building’s history, stay a weekend and enjoy the experience – complete with whirlpool tubs and a gourmet fireplace breakfast!

So perhaps you’ll save the Christmas music and decorations until at least mid-November and take our advice – don’t be that person who’s already listening to Christmas music. We beg of you.