Top Chefs of Summer Solstice and Seafood

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Top Chefs of Summer Solstice and Seafood
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Crabs Root to Table Seafood

Root to Table features the best of Virginia Seafood

Did you know that Virginia ranks number 3 in oyster production and number 1 in hard shell clams?

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the presence that the state of Virginia has nationally as a seafood provider. Ranking in the top 3 producers of oysters and first in hard shell clams, Virginia knows a thing or two about supplying fresh seafood. 

About the Event

Chef Erik Fox-Nettnin, Executive Chef of Magnolias at the Mill kicks off the 3rd dinner in the Root to Table Culinary Series with his, Summer Solstice and Virginia Seafood on June 23rd.

This event is special for three reasons:

  •   Longest Day of the year with the kick off of the summer season
  •   Recognizing Erik’s winery friends by hosting the event at a Virginian winery
  •   Salute to the state of Virginia as a national seafood capital

Taste of Blue Ridge and Magnolias at the Mill invite you to experience the culinary mastery of Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin and Taste of Blue Ridge Top Chefs. This will be a unique event dedicated to two Virginia products – wine and seafood. Chef Erik has selected one of Loudoun County’s great vineyards, Walsh Family Wine, to be the location for his June Root to Table culinary event. Stepping away from his restaurant and moving his Summer event to a vineyard location, Chef Erik plans to showcase his culinary skills as a thank you to his winery friends here in Loudoun County.

Meet the Chefs

Host Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin was born in Clinton, Maryland, and raised partially in Virginia. At just 8 years old, he began cooking with his mother in the kitchen, a hobby that would eventually span throughout his life and lead to his passion: culinary. Having moved from DC to the Shenandoah Valley a number of years ago, Chef Erik has accumulated a top renowned status and many foodie fans who travel to taste his menu at Magnolias at the Mill. The best way to get to know Erik is through his own words.

Seafood Root to Table

Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin; Italian Farm Root to Table Dinner 2019

On why he’s passionate about locally sourced product and the Root to Table series: “I like the Root to Table Culinary Series because it allows everybody the chance to increase their arsenal with who they know and what they can do. I like to show the range of what we can get from 10 miles in any direction. The more we use local products the more it raises the standard. Everybody has a computer in their pocket now, people are forced to be transparent.

Before Root to Table we would all do these kinds of events, we use local farms, but it was very autonomous. Being a part of the Taste of Blue Ridge Top Chefs, we naturally have a connection as a group that grows pretty regularly. It’s very organic, you don’t have to think about it which is nice, it just happens. But with Root to Table it accomplishes bringing commerce to the area and we are able to show you that don’t have to go anywhere to get what you want. It’s also the best of what we in the area have to offer.” 

Joining Chef Erik will be four Taste of Blue Ridge top chefs: Executive Chef Steve Ferrell of Hillbrook InnExecutive Chef Marcus Repp of Lansdowne Resort and Spa, and Executive Chef Marvin Swaner, formerly of Georges Food and Spirits.

Seafood Root to Table

Chef Erik also welcomes his hand picked guest chef to join in the experience, Britt Shyrene (Owner of Britt Shyrene Culinary). Chef Brit is a former Executive Chef at O’Faolain’s Irish Restaurant and Pub. She worked for a Michelin starred chef at Bowery Coastal in West Palm Beach, Florida as well as a destination restaurant in Fairmount, Indiana with Chef Kevin Grider using all locally sourced ingredients. She is currently freelancing for special events working toward opening her own restaurant in the next few years.

On why she’s passionate about locally sourced product and excited to be involved in the Root to Table series: “I believe in this Root to Table mission so much. Such amazing work to get involved in! Proud to be in a community where I am surrounded by such wonderful ingredients, and near people who care, love food, and showcase its true beauty. What an opportunity to learn and get involved in the community, while sharing knowledge and experience around a table. This is food itself as a community. Food brings us all together, it’s an opportunity to experience something beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how far we can take it, and so excited to be a part of this! Very grateful to Chef Erik for including me as his guest chef on this project!”

The Menu

“The event is going to feature all the best of Virginia to include scallops, oysters, clams, crab cakes, and rockfish. Each of my guest chefs will have a station and then our main course and dessert will be served family style. This event is for seafood lovers only!”

Chef Erik, Magnolias at the Mill


Assorted Virginia Oysters, Tobiko, Bloody Mary cocktail sauce, Saltines, Yuzu Soy with Scallions and Lemon Grass, Wasabi  / paired with Walsh Rose Mignonette

Food Station 1:

Valencia Style Spanish Paella with Local Virginia Rockfish and Organic Ayrshire Farm Chicken, Chorizo and Golden Rice

Food Station 2:

Chesapeake Skate and Blue Crab Meunière- Fresh Blue Crab, Skate Wing and Cheek, Brown Butter, Caper, Shallot Ravigote

Food Station 3:

Delmarva U 10 Scallops and Local Pork Belly– Seared Scallops, Braised Local Belly, Spicy Virginia Hickory Gastrique, Garlic Chips

Main Course:

Oyster and Brioche Deviled Blue Catfish stuffed Andouille, Oyster, Buttered Brioche, Blue Crab, Clam, Scallop Stuffed, Local Yolk Hollandaise


Blackberry Buttermilk Chess Pie


We at Taste of Blue Ridge want to thank our two host sponsors – Baldor DC and Congressional Seafood and our amazing Title Sponsor for the second year in a row Schenck Foods Co.

Schenck FoodsWe’re so proud to showcase our generous sponsor, Schenck Foods Co., of which without their support, we wouldn’t be where we are today. For over 90 years, Schenck Foods Co. has made it their mission to not only deliver the highest quality products, but also to provide excellent service to their customers. Schenck Foods is a wholesale distributor servicing a plethora of restaurants, businesses, and customers within 100 miles of Winchester. Schencks knows that the way to the community’s heart is through their local businesses and farmers, of which are vitally important to Northern Virginia’s agricultural and food scene. They are proud to work with each farmer, owner, and customer, big or small, on a personal level to ensure quality products and services. Make sure you check them out!

“Food in the Blue Ridge carries a sense of tradition that’s present in every dish. Here we like to call it “Root to Table”. Our foodie community lives and breathes their commitment to our roots in order to bring the best quality food to our friends and visitors.  Come and enjoy great conversation with other friends who just love a great meal.”

– Nancy Craun, Owner and Founder of Taste of Blue Ridge

We hope to see you at this upcoming Root to Table dinner on June 23rd! You can grab your tickets here!