Throx Craft Beer for Christmas – 2nd annual event!

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Throx Craft Beer for Christmas – 2nd annual event!
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Is there someone in your life that you have trouble Christmas shopping for year after year? We get it.  We know it’s exhausting spending all day at the mall and fighting through horrible traffic only to settle for a gift that even you don’t love.

Don’t fear. There IS a solution. Throx Market in Winchester, Virginia is having a fantastic sale that is the perfect gift this holiday season! There are three locations to serve you here in Winchester.

“Beer in a Box” winter sale is 15% off
all the craft beer you can fit in the box

Craft beer offers such a variety of flavors, hops, and aromas, and this sale allows you to mix and match. This means you don’t have to buy a six-pack and hope that your family member loves it so that they actually drink all six. You can choose something that’s locally brewed, something pumpkin flavored, or even a new, exotic IPA you’ve never heard of before. You can explore, read the labels, Beer-Headercheck out which beers have which properties, and pick and choose whichever ones you want!
This is such a great gift idea because it is so unique – you could fill one box for your father, and fill another box for your cousin. Two entirely different beer selections, but the same great deal and yet uniquely assembled for both people.  The sale begins Black Friday and runs thru December. And remember that you will get 15% off – because quality Christmas presents that are on sale are hard to find!

Need a stocking stuffer? You could buy a single bottle or can of beer!  You could also purchase gift cards for Throx! A gift card is an awesome stocking stuffer – There are so many food and drink items available at Throx that someone could use it for anything they’d like. Maybe they’reThrox-008 driving by and want to grab a coffee and a donut; they’ll love that they can use their gift card for that! They could also use it to come grab a sandwich and a craft soda some day, and enjoy it in the upper level of Throx as they sit and read a book.

Conveniently located, Throx has three locations in Winchester. You won’t suffer through crowds or massive parking lots – you can park right in front of the stores and head right in!

Throx Market Station on Route 50 just off Interstate 81 Exit 313.
Throx Brew Market and Grille on Route 1 just off Interstate 82 Exit 317.
Throx Country Store – offering the largest selection at 1488 Senseny Rd Winchester VA 22602.