Thanksgiving: Easy as Pie?

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Thanksgiving: Easy as Pie?
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Thanksgiving is as easy a pie, right? Not always! Check out our tips and tricks to get you through the family-fueled holiday this season!

Officially ushering in the holiday season always begins by gathering with loved ones near and far for a Thanksgiving feast. Soon after that, the Christmas tree goes up, the shopping and gifting begins, and we prepare for a cold winter season – but isn’t there more to the story? The answer is yes, always. Most families have their quirks, and none are perfect, but we should always strive to make the best of seeing our loved ones and let them know that they are appreciated; they won’t always be there. Make the most of your time this holiday season with our firsthand mementos, tips, and advice for a peaceful family reunion.

First thing’s first: What are we thankful for?


I’m most thankful for my health and opportunities that have come my way this year. 2017 has really proven to be a year of discovery for me. Through hardships and obstacles, I’ve realized just how strong of a person I actually am and how far I can really push myself. I’m also thankful for the support system I have around me from my mother and significant other.


As a senior in college I have become more and more thankful for my family at home and my family away from.  From my parents supporting my decisions on where I chose to go to school and study and for the family I have made while here.  They are my support system for when I’m not home and I couldn’t be more thankful for everything we’ve endured together.


As the years fly by, I am thankful for my health.  I see so many people having to stop what they are normally doing due to health issues.  I am also thankful for all the travel experiences and business opportunities I  have had.  Not everyone can be an entrepreneur.  I never really thought I was and now realize as I start a new business venture that I have been one all of my life. Most importantly I am grateful for my dear friends and my family. Although miles separate us, they are always there for me.

Realizing what you’re thankful for can really help things go more smoothly. However, if you’re family is just destined to clash once the turkey hits the table, try practicing these useful tips, via Elite Daily.

Step 1: Laugh your way out of everything

If you’re anticipating questions flying at you from every direction this year, try to remember to just laugh. You have the right to keep your answers short, simple, and sweet. Laughter appeals to almost everyone, and will encourage them to keep talking as you casually go grab another drink…

Step 2: Be kind

A compliment goes a long way, and if they’re too busy basking in the cloak of adoration you’re showering on them (“Aunt Janice, I just love your hair!”), that means they’ll be doing the talking while you focus on eating as much as you can.

Step 3 – Avoid politics (our suggestion) 

Rare is the clan that is completely, 100 percent on the same page in this category. Many families have a healthy mixture of democrats, republicans, green party supporters, and libertarians. This can be a touchy subject, so try to ignore outbursts of supporters from any direction. Just smile and nod, smile and nod…

We hope you enjoy time spent with your family, wherever that may be. Warm holiday greetings from the team at Go Blue Ridge Travel!