Summer Fun With the Grandkids!

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Summer Fun With the Grandkids!
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What is a Grandparent to do with these high tech kids?

In part two of GoBRT’s Kids Trail educational series – Grandparents and the Grandkids, GoBRT will explore the old generation’s childhood. “In talking to my friends about our childhoods, summer meant that all the schedules went away. Your summer simply meant that you could go out and explore the world with limited adult intervention,” said Nancy Craun.  “Today’s world is different and kids no longer have that freedom to explore the world on their own.  On top of this, we have now allowed them to become addicted to devices. If we are not careful, kids will grow up never exploring the real world of nature and learning how to communicate with other human beings on a one to one personal real conversation. Perhaps it is the grandparents who can give them this experience in life.”

Starting near Winchester, Virginia:

Adventure 1 – Step back in time and take your kid to Cedar Creek Battlefield where they can become a Junior Ranger.  This will take a good number of hours if you are really going to explore the park.

Adventure 2 – If the child is into food, then book a cooking class at Nibblins and let them also play the “recipe game”.  Not only will your child get a great cookie cutter but he will also walk out with a recipe and the knowledge of the tools he or she needs.

Adventure 3 – for the pre-teens, book an afternoon at Skyline Paintball and experience a laser tag adventure. This is a great idea for taking a group of teens out for a fun time.

MSV Lego Butterfly

Nature Connects: Art With LEGO Bricks

Adventure 4 – Drop by Throx Market and get a healthy snack including a craft soda.  then head to Jefferson Rock at Harpers Ferry National Park for a light picnic. You can show them exactly where Thomas Jefferson sat and looked out over the gap where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers meet!

Adventure 5 – Explore the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. They’ve got a jaw-dropping exhibit right now with their Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks. People of every age will enjoy this one! You can also learn about the Valley and how it was settled.

Adventure 5 – Remember the outdoor movies you went to as a kid? Give the kids that very same experience at The Family Drive In! Show them some old pictures of yourself and talk about the good times you as a teenager watching the movies under the stars.

Finally, have that conversation about “Making History with your Family”. We all have generations of history in our backgrounds! Do a little research and tell the kids about their past. If you can, take them to a cemetery and tell them about their ancestors and what you remember. The Family Drive In is 60 years old, Back Home on the Farm is 60 plus, Bryce Resort just celebrated their 50th and the Shenandoah Caverns is about to be 100!

The Kids Trail was started in the the summer of 2014 here in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and West Virginia. The mission was to create bucket lists that included travel experiences all children should have before turning 18. “Although the major emphasis has been on fun, parents have told us that they are amazed at the learning that occurs visiting the Valley,” said Craun. “When my grandchildren visit, I am at first in a panicked state on what we can do together. Then I reach out to the Kids Trail and begin to plan a week of activities. This does not mean that I have to spend tons of money at attractions but instead I expand on learning through travel with a new twist.”

The hot dog days of summer are here. School will be starting soon, so take this time to have fun with your grand kids!

Explore tons of even more fun activities in our beautiful Shenandoah Valley this summer with our official Kids Trail Pocket Map!