The Naked Winter Beauty of the Shenandoah Valley

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The Naked Winter Beauty of the Shenandoah Valley
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Winter in Shenandoah

There’s always a big deal to be made in the Spring in concerns of the foliage finally coming back to life, filling our Valley with vibrant, youthful hope and color. Then again once fall hits, you’ll find many who marvel over the oranges, reds and yellows Autumn brings to our masses of trees that line the dips and ridges of our mountains and roads. However, fewer are the numbers who can find the beauty in the winter months, when the trees have shed their colorful clothes and revealed their naked branches. We hold the opinion that our beautiful Shenandoah Valley is just as gorgeous naked as it is fully dressed, and we hope to help you see the same way as we do.

Winter Solitude

Hiking in the solitude of winter can be restorative for the soul. The benefit of winter hiking, aside from the exercise? No crowds. Now you can climb to all those scenic points that you’ve been dying to see without having to take turns with strangers for that one perfect photo op! For more information about hiking our region in the winter, check out this page from Shenandoah National Park Service.


Winter Wildlife

Edward Payne Photography

The true raw features of the Shenandoah Valley can really only be viewed in the winter, when the lack of leaves opens up a whole new range of sights! Critters like chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers that once took refuge in the trees and lower foliage will now be out searching for seeds and food in the brisk winter temperatures. You’re very likely to see white-tailed deer, foxes and squirrels while trekking through our mountains, so a camera is always recommended!

Winter Sports

Massanutten Winter Ski Lift

Why visit the Shenandoah Valley in the winter? Why embrace it? Because that’s when many of the amazing locations in the Blue Ridge truly come to life. The Blue Ridge Mountains’ Shenandoah Valley is not only home to some of the greatest wildlife on the East Coast, but also hosts some of the greatest destinations! To only stick around when its warm and functional would be to limit the activities you can do – like snowboarding, skiing, winter-tubing, and so much more! Places like Massanutten Resort and Bryce Resort will have their snow-makers and ski lifts operating in full swing for travelers and locals to take advantage of. Afterwards, you can grab a hot cocoa (a purely winter drink, we might add) and relax by a toasty fire pit!

For those willing to embrace the cold chill instead of staying tucked away indoors, these winter months provide a savory flavor that will satiate your appetite for adventure like no other. Have fun exploring our beautiful Shenandoah valley this winter, and remember to dress warmly as you go!

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