Schenck’s Monthly Local Food Showcase – Salute to our Farmers and Food Artisans

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Schenck’s Monthly Local Food Showcase – Salute to our Farmers and Food Artisans
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There’s something awesome coming this summer season, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Schenck Foods Co., in partnership with Taste of Blue Ridge, will be hosting their first ever farmers market on Saturday, May 26th from 2 – 5 pm as their way of tipping their hats to those who feed us here in the Shenandoah Valley. Come out and explore local Virginia artisans and their crafts, ranging from delicious eats and drinks to kids activities. This completely FREE, reoccurring event (running now through October) is family friendly and stands as a showcase of goodwill and appreciation of the farmers who supply Schenck Foods and the chefs and restaurants they then supply in return.

We got a chance to sit down with Schenck Foods’ Natural Foods & Farm to Table Specialist, Abby McAllister, who is beyond thrilled to open this new chapter.

Q: What are you most looking forward to with the installation of Schenck’s first Farmer’s Market this season?

A:I am very much looking forward to this network of farmers and small producers connecting with our local community.  We really have a unique group of businesses and it makes me so happy to see that vendors are excited to provide the community with high quality food! Of course the group will evolve with the seasonality of all the products, but that will only be more exciting for our customers! We hope to see lots of familiar faces and make just as many new friends!”

Q: What does Schenck Foods hope to accomplish by hosting these Farmers’ Markets?

A: “Our number one goal in our 90th year of business and on, is to support our local businesses just as they have been supporting us for so many generations. Schenck Foods started as a small cheese company and slowly transitioned into a distributor. We are so much more than just wholesale food distribution, and we love to see our community come into the retail space, explore our product line, and get a feel for what we really do. Not only from a consumer side should we be seen differently, but from a vendor standpoint. Many local farmers can only provide so much because they’re small-scale operations. But, that doesn’t mean we shy away from working with them! If we can support them in other ways, or give them access to a customer base that they haven’t been able to reach before, we want to do that! This isn’t about trends, this isn’t about profiting off of farmers or fellow small businesses. This is about promoting our local economy, sustainability, and strengthening community.”

The entirety of Schenck’s team are so happy to open this event up to the public and are eager to see the opening weekend’s turnout on May 26th!

Dates and Time:

2 pm – 5 pm

 Saturday, May 26th

Saturday, June 30th

Saturday, July 28th

Saturday, August 25th

Saturday, September 29th

Saturday, October 27th


 Schenck Foods Co.

3578 Valley Pike

Winchester, VA 22602

For the May 26th Market:

 Teens, Inc. 

vocational agriculture (VoAg) non-profit organization that provides training for at risk youth and individuals with disabilities

 Clark & Hopkins

Globally-inspired, locally produced hot sauces & bloody mary mix

 Juice Jar

Freshly juiced fruit and vegetable blends

 Sweet Farm 

Locally crafted sauerkraut, pickles, & ginger beer

 Cordial Coffee (tentative)
Local coffee roastery, keeping a rotation of fresh crops in stock year-round and various varietals seasonally

 Doc’s Tea
Certified organic, micro-brewed Rooibos iced tea with all-natural flavorings

Harvest Symphony

Gourmet granolas made with wholesome ingredients

Veritas Artizen Chocolates

Fair/Direct Trade bean-to-bar chocolates

Kiwi Cuisine 

Handmade, all-natural, new-zealand style meat pies

Audley Farm
100% Black Angus beef; steroid, hormone & antibiotic-free

 Shady Knoll Mushroom Farm  

Gourmet edible mushrooms; Several varietie of oyster, reishi, shitake, and lion’s mane

 Valley Roots Farm (tentative)

Growers of Nutrient-rich produce also raising hormone & antibiotic free livestock

These awesome people have worked with Schenck’s closely, and in celebration of their friendship and continued business, are anticipating a great opening weekend on Saturday. We encourage you to come out and support these local artisans who truly represent the heart and soul of the Valley.

Taste of Blue Ridge is so excited to gift Schenck Foods Co. with the ‘Excellence in the Blue Ridge’ award, as they continue to enrich the community with their outstanding staff, work performance, and commitment to locally sourced product. Taste’s mission aligns with Schenck’s in the sense that we believe the Shenandoah Valley to be an agricultural hubspot of the United States, complete with fertile farmland, nutrient-rich produce, and farmers that care about sustainably cultivating their product. Our farmers are the key resources to our restaurants’ menus and the backbone of the Shenandoah Valley being established as the newest food destination West of D.C.

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