Route 11 Family Drive-In Yard Crawl

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Route 11 Family Drive-In Yard Crawl
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Family Drive In Route 11 Yard Crawl | Go Blue Ridge Travel

Annual Family Drive In Yard Crawl This Week!

Guess what is coming? Our Annual Route 11 Family Drive In Yard Crawl! The drive in has hosted yard crawlers for the last 6 years. Located between Stephens City and Middletown, the drive in offers a perfect safe location.  Buyers can move from vendor to vendor without the worry of cars driving by. Plus there is a concession stand offering a good food menu including angus burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs to fried shrimp or their taco and grilled chicken salads. The drive in is most known for having the best french fries in the Shenandoah Valley. Rt.11 Yard Crawl

The whole crawl spans 43 miles and boasts the largest crawl in Virginia.

This year it is August 11th (always 2nd Saturday in August).  but enthusiasts can be spotted as early as 5 am on Friday, (although the official starting time for the crawl is 7 am).

Vendors – Where to Buy your space?

Well, here of course! Come out and shop at Virginia’s largest yard sale– 43 miles long! Voted by Travelocity as one of the cool things to do, you can come shop for bargains with almost 100 vendors that set up for the day at the drive in theater. OR you can sign up to sell items with a yard crawl spot of your own! $20 per site (20×20).  Bring your own tables, chairs and tents! No food can be sold. The drive in will have a working concessions operation that day with breakfast and lunch specials. Restrooms are available as well. Shopping is FREE.

Great Tips for the Shoppers!FDI Longest Crawl in VA

“We have some tips to make your experience an amazing one,” said Jim Kopp, owner of Family Drive-In. 

  • Shop till you drop at this annual event featuring the towns of New Market, Mount Jackson, Edinburg, Woodstock, Strasburg, Middletown and Stephens City, Virginia.
  • Take a break and grab some refreshments at our concession.
  • Walking shoes instead of sandals, more cash than you think you’ll need, with lots of one dollar bills.
  • Have someone lined up with a truck in case you find something big that you just have to have.
  • Make sure your phone has a full charge.
  • Most of all, enjoy yourself!  It is a ton of fun
  • An experience of a lifetime ~This phenomena only comes once a year so make the most of it!

A little History on the Evolution of Yard Sales

“Yard Sales like Apple Pie – Tradition”

Yard Sales | Go Blue Ridge TravelMany people may not know that yard and garage sales in the U.S. really got their start in shipyards in the early 1800s with “rommage sales,” where the yards would sell unclaimed cargo at a discounted rate. Later in the 19th century, the sales moved to community centers like churches and really began to thrive, until they became what we know them as today.

Throughout our history, America has always had a thing for tradition. And yard sales, like apple pie, is no different. Yard sales and garage sales really came into their own in the 70’s and started booming. Everyone was starting to buy more and more stuff, so people figured why not sell to others locally and give yourself a little more room around the house? 

Some yard sales turn out to be a great deal more profitable than they appear at first glance, too, like a pile of treasure hiding out in the open. A man was sold a sketch for $5 at a 2012 yard sale that ended up being an Andy Warhol original appraised at $2,000,000. Another man in 2000 bought several unique glass plates for $45 at a yard sale that turned out to be some cool photographic negatives. Even cooler was the fact that the negatives originally belonged to Ansel Adams and were valued at a jaw-dropping $200,000,000! I know a local woman who bought a crystal vase for $7 and it is a Paysage d’hiver valued at $44,000!

True is the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


History and Cinema Collide | The Family Drive-In’s 62nd Anniversary Weekend

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