Mother’s Day: Ideas for the Men in Her Life

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Mother’s Day: Ideas for the Men in Her Life
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Happy Mother's Day gift with flowers

Mother’s Day tends to sneak up on us every year around this time and men are left scrambling to find the “perfect gift” or gesture to show our moms we care. Like many other holidays where we are buying for a special someone, we sometimes forget that simple gestures sometimes show the most meaning. Whether it’s completing a task or chore she’s been repeatedly asking for us to do, or coming up with other fun ideas that she will enjoy, don’t forget mom in your plans this year for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day doesn’t just have to be a fancy dinner plan or a day full of yard work. It can be a days worth of adventure, a scenic tour, or even a beer tour of all the new breweries in the area (for all of our 21 and over crowd), but I’ll get to this later. Here are a few ideas to try around the Valley this Mother’s Day to show Mom a good time!

  1. Outdoor Adventure Family hiking in the forest

There are many great places to stop here in the Shenandoah Valley if you or your mom is an outdoor adventurer. If you all enjoy golf, many local courses run Mother’s Day specials where Mom plays at a discount or even free! You could also hike through the Shenandoah National forest, white river raft or scale the ropes course at Harper’s Ferry Adventure Center. You could even visit Bryce or Massanutten Resort where there is fun for families of all sizes and ages through hikes, mountain biking, golf, or even Massanutten’s state of the art waterpark!

  1. History Galore

For the history buffs, take a car ride and trail famous Rt. 11, stopping through the various small towns and cities along the way that are steeped in Civil War and even Revolutionary War history. If you’re not up for a car ride, several towns and cities have a multitude of history offerings. Winchester is packed with history! It served as headquarters for George Washington as well confederate soldiers during the Civil War. You can visit the historical headquarters and enjoy all that Winchester has to offer!

Lego Butterfly on display at museumYou can also visit the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, located in Winchester, that is filled with different exhibits that are interesting, intriguing, and even interactive. Coming up, they have a Nature Connects: Art with Lego Bricks exhibit. The exhibit opens this Saturday and stays at the MSV through the beginning of September. This looks to be quite an eye catcher for all the Lego and art aficionados!

  1. All about the food… or spirits

If you do want to take the old fashioned route of dinner with the family for Mother’s Day, may I make a few recommendations on how you can spice it up? I’m all for food and a “foodie” at heart (and by my waist size), but there a few other ideas that I have for you this Mother’s Day as well as a good meal.

Winchester Brew Works Beer Glasses

Don’t worry, I know I left you hanging on the beer tour idea I had earlier, but I’m getting back to it. Take some time and schedule a beer tasting at a couple of the various breweries here in Winchester. (this idea is for our 21 and over children) My 2 stops are within walking distance of each other, as we do not want anyone to drink and drive.

Start at Winchester Brew Works, where this small intimate setting will allow you to enjoy some brews and give mom the time she loves with her special people. Then head just around the corner and upstairs to Alesatian Brewing Company where again, you can enjoy a smaller setting with a variety of beer flavors that change with the season. After you’ve gotten your fill on the brews, you’ll want to grab some grub. Head back to the bottom floor to enjoy Roma Old Town Wood Fired Pizza. This family has served the area for years, and the wood fired oven makes the pizza so crisp and delicious!

Remember fellas, Mom isn’t looking for the expensive gift, the fancy dinner, or every blade of grass to be neatly cut. What she is looking for is time with the people she loves the most this Mother’s Day. We’re what’s important to her, everything else is icing on the cake. If you can remember that, this Mother’s Day will be one she wont forget! (Trying these ideas might impress her though!)

Written by: John Judy, Marketing Analytics & GoBRT Account Manager  with Encore Elite Partners, LLC.  Email John with your ideas for your Mom.