Mother’s Day – For Kids!

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Mother’s Day – For Kids!
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It’s not always easy for kids to create their own agenda for celebrating mom. With no money and no way of transporting themselves from A to B without mom or dad’s help, resources can be limited. Keep reading for a list of things that your child can do for mother’s day that they won’t have to break open their piggy bank for!

Breakfast in bed

A classic. It doesn’t have to be a giant buffet, complete with every working – it can be simply toast and jam, a glass of juice, even a bowl of cereal! The important part is to read between the messy lines and see what their little hands have tried to accomplish in honor of you! Breakfast can be a big thing for kids to tackle when they’re young, so if they attempt it, you know it’s meaningful.

Make a craft or a card

This is an easy one. With tons of templates they can find online to make creating something beautiful easy, there’s also the option for them to just make it from scratch and create their own design. We here at GoBRT recommend trying to tackle a pop-up card, like this one featured here!

Make a fun video

What better way for Mom to feel the love than to make a video with your confession? Not only will this mean the world to her and make her heart melt, but it allows her to keep a record of the adorable moments she’ll want to remember for the rest of her life. Get creative! Today’s kids are very familiar with new technology, so not only is this free, but it’s something easy they can do.

Find some flowers

Nothing fancy! Go explore out in Nature for the perfect natural and native bouquet, and better yet, make a picnic day out of it! With a wide selection of trails to hike and groves of fresh spring flowers to find, the only tricky part might be finding the right something to arrange them in! Both Bears Den and Jefferson Rock allow for an easy hike, as well as plenty of spots to stop and enjoy the view while picnicking.

Want even more fun ideas for Mother’s Day?

Mackintosh Fruit Farm boasts fresh strawberries within the next two weeks, possibly just in time for Mother’s Day! A delicious treat and a fun day, this idea is hands down the best guarantee to a successful Mother’s Day with the kids!

Take Mom to Back Home on the Farm for a hot, herbal cup of tea and hours of browsing through fresh cultivations of flowers! They’ve got lots of hand-picked assortments and baskets that are sure to be a hit with mothers everywhere.