Meet the Buddies

Meet the Buddies


Bucket has a “Nancy Drew” personality. Inquisitive, not scared of much, and very adventurous, Bucket loves to solve a mystery. As a ten-year-old girl, Bucket’s passion is Fitness-Outdoor Adventure.


Shenny is a girl loving all things beautiful, and like Bucket, is a decade in age. Shenny’s passion is creativity. Shenny avoids getting dirty at all costs. Her clothes choice (if she wasn’t a snail) would be stilettos and beautiful jewelry.


Ridge is a guy who is all about the digital world. Very much a nerd. Ridge scarcely goes outdoors. Bucket does an incredible job of “getting him out of his shell”, and enjoying the cool things around him. Ridge’s passion is history.


Fungi is definitely all about food. Being twelve, Fungi is the oldest of his companions. As a mushroom, Fungi is drawn to the farms and the food’s cycle to the plate. His passion is wellness and he enjoys exploring all of the unique food places in the valley.

Join Bucket, Shenny, Ridge, and Fungi on Bucket’s Buddy Summer Adventures.  Like Bucket’s Facebook page (ShenandoahValleyKidsTrail) to learn more.

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