Mastered Artisans flock to Shepherdstown Street Fest

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Mastered Artisans flock to Shepherdstown Street Fest
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Being a skilled artisan of a trade is a rarity in today’s busy buzzing world. The  Shepherdstown Street Fest of Shepherdstown, West Virginia is thrilled to have over 50 plus artisans at the festival this Saturday. Now these artisans attending the street fest are not your run of the mill craftsmen selling stuff they made with a kit. These artisans are mastered professionals producing “big city” quality goods, each exceptional in it’s own way. The Shepherdstown Street Fest showcases the talents of local and neighboring artisans, great food vendors, and of course a two stage band line up for a day of free fun!

Featured  Artisans:

Tokyns jewelry was designed to capture a bit of nature’s beauty in elegant and timeless, yet resilient pieces that can be worn and shared even when the blossoms have come and go44forwebsitene. All the pieces are hand made in her home studio of Shepherdstown WV, so no two pieces are alike. Most pieces take about two weeks to design, produce, and finalize. Lynn Kemper, founder and owner of Tokyns has managed to capture delicate fragments of spring in her jewelry line so you can experience the beauty and colors of spring and nature all year round. Lynn collects and encases flowers, mosses, other natural elements and time in resin to create unique necklaces and rings.

AMFM Glasssouthwest+bowl Creations is one of the rare artisans who like to both do fused glass and stained glass. Each piece is carefully made in her home studio. In addition to multiple firings in a kiln, there is time spent with each piece; carefully designing the piece, selecting the glass, cutting, shaping, grinding and cleaning it so it is just right!
AMFM glasswork focuses mostly in fused glass jewelry and stained glass lighting. “I love jewelry and glassware dishes that makes a statement and I tend to create jewelry and dishes for people who feel the same way,” says AMFM founder and owner.



Swirladelic Art is a uniquely interactive art form that demonstrates a magical process of floating paints on a tray of water then moving that paint around as you create your design. Swirladelic Art then lays a silk cloth on top to transfer the design to a beautiful handmade silk scarf. There is no age limit, skill or experience required.  Everyone is capable of creating an amazing work of art to be proud of.

Second ChaSecondChanceGlassnce Glass uses repurposed glass bottles to create beautiful artistic items such as candles, drinking glasses, serving platters, spoon rests, snack bowls, and jewelry. The company stresses that no two bottles come out of the kiln exactly alike, making each bottle creation unique and one of a kind. These unique creations are perfect gifts for family, friends and co-workers!


Other artisans attending:

Avant Garden Pottery,BeDZ, Crafts With Heart, D and B Jewelry, Dream Sister Studios, Joyfully Made, Kem Gardens, Landscape Glass Works, Nature’s Unique Beauty, Paint Me! Paint Me!, The Whisper Music & Native Influence, Precious Metalz Jewelry and many, MANY more!

So bring you penny purses and wallets! There are plenty more skillful artisans to visit at the Shepherdstown Street Fest.  Not only are each artisan’s crafts are unique and original, but the craftsmen take pride in their work and they’d love for you to ask questions, get involved and spread the word!

 The festival opens at 10 am. Bands begin at 12 and play to 8:30 pm.