Luxury Dining at the Redbook Restaurant – Charles Town, West Virginia

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Luxury Dining at the Redbook Restaurant – Charles Town, West Virginia
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Enjoyed Italian Moscato throughout the experience!

Introducing: Hillbrook Inn and Spa’s The Redbook Restaurant.  The Redbook is one of the hosts’ for the first Taste of Blue Ridge “Root to Table” event. This is the first two day event as part of the Taste of Blue Ridge Culinary Series funded thru Virginia Tourism celebrating a collaboration between farmers and chefs in the region. We are excited to share with you a little more about this incredible restaurant and the food they create!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or wanting to try something new, you should book your reservation for dinner at the Redbook Restaurant! It is truly a luxury experience that you will enjoy from start to finish as you wine and dine.

Reservations are required to ensure that everyone gets a seat and that there are enough ingredients on hand to serve all guests. That is one of the best qualities about the restaurant – the ingredients are all fresh and locally sourced. No frozen patties thrown on a grill, no sauces stored away for years and filled with preservatives… the ingredients are fresh and you can taste it in each and every bite!

The Redbook also has an incredible wine list that you can utilize to pair the perfect wine with your meal. Don’t know much about different wines? No problem, your server will be more than happy to explain which ones will accompany your food best. You can view the wine list here.

Redbook Restaurant

The duck salad was exotic and tasty!

I recently went to the restaurant for their five-course Prix Fixe menu, and was pleasantly surprised with the experience! I was worried at first that it may be too fancy for me, or that I wouldn’t know everything on the menu (it wasn’t too fancy, but I definitely didn’t know everything on the menu!). With each course, I was excited to try new foods that I had never even heard of before, and every aspect came together deliciously.


Here is the menu I enjoyed at Redbook Restaurant:

The first course was duck salad with tat soi, purple mizuna, pickled daikon, carrot, and a ginger soy reduction. The word “duck” scared me – but it was so great! The second course was a mushroom bisque, which was fantastic as well. The third course was “Bouillabaisse”: jumbo prawn, a sea scallop, Coho salmon, grilled pork belly, and roasted tomato veloute.  The fourth course, the entree, was a slow-cooked ribeye with fried potato rostini, baby turnip, baby carrot, asparagus, topped off with goat cheese. The ribeye was tender and juicy, with a bit of a nice grilled crunch on the edges and absolutely no fat.  Dessert consisted of a honey roasted peanut butter Nutella tartlet with almond Chantilly whip and caramel, and it was absolutely luxury dining, Redbook Restaurantas amazing as it sounds.

After our meal was over, the chef came out to the dining room to introduce himself and get our feedback on the food. This was such a special and personal touch to have the chef himself ensure that you enjoyed your time at the Redbook Restaurant! Overall, the food was impeccable, the service was timely and helpful, and the experience was much more than I had expected! Don’t shy away from luxury dining – it is a beautiful way to spend time with someone special while trying new things!

Keep an eye out for more information on this exciting “Root to Table” Culinary Series event as we introduce the other hosts within the coming weeks!
You can book your reservation at the Redbook Restaurant here. Just fill in you are interested in the Root to Table Taste of Blue Ridge event on August 18th and 19th.