Low-Mess & Quick Holiday Recipes

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Low-Mess & Quick Holiday Recipes
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This time of year is the best – a time of giving and spending time with those who mean the most to you, full of joy and love.  For some, however, this time of year gets a little difficult between the 6 hour car rides to grandma’s house, hours upon hours of preparation and cooking, and making sure you’ve bought a gift for every single niece & nephew.  We know it can get a little hectic, and we’re here to help! We talked with our local chefs and farmers to see what their favorite side dishes are this time of year.  Here are our best suggestions for what to cook that is easy, fast, and low-mess. candied yams side dish

From Six Star Events, Kim had a tough time distinguishing between two favorites – black eyed peas with young potatoes, and roasted tomatoes & fresh kale with lemon zest and red peppercorns.  Hannah, on the other hand, told us she loves roasted yams with fried sage, and maple butter & toasted cashews. Yams are a classic, but can be made many different ways! If any of these suggestions are too intricate, try this one we found -it’s a great and easy recipe for candied yams, and you can even watch the video here as you go if you need some extra assistance!

Believe it or not, Backroom Brewery’s prized side dish is their cole slaw.  While it may not be a tradition for Thanksgiving, it’s still an incredibly popular side that goes with so many different foods!  Billie Clifton told us that their secret is fresh dill! “In addition to starting from scratch with garden cabbage and carrot, we have a special sauce and an amazing, fresh from our garden ingredient… Dill.  The difference it makes is remarkable,” she told us.

cranberry relish side dishA favorite from our friends at Hartland Farm is cranberry relish!  We’re all used to having cranberry sauce on the table, and cranberry relish is a unique spin on that classic.  Here is a recipe for cranberry relish that is super easy, feeds 8 people, and can be made five days in advance and still taste just as amazing on Thanksgiving Day, which would cut back on prep time for you!

Lori Mackintosh, of Mackintosh Fruit Farm, is another huge fan of sweet potatoes this time of year! But she also shared with us that she loves Brussel sprouts!  Brussel sprouts are given such a bad name, yet they’re delightful if prepared correctly. We want to share an incredibly easy, and low-mess recipe for Brussel sprouts that we think the whole family will enjoy – Ranch Roasted Brussel Sprouts.

We know you’ve had a long day of cooking and cleaning, so now you get to relax.  Unwind and spend the evening sipping on this wonderful cocktail from Catoctin Creek Distillery.  The Apple Barrel does not take long to make, but it is something you can enjoy all night long. You deserve it!

We hope you have a great and memorable Thanksgiving with your family and friends! Try some of these quick and easy recipes, and let us know how big of a hit they are. After all, the traditional dishes may be well-loved, but these new recipes are exciting and unique!