Last Minute Halloween Ideas!

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Last Minute Halloween Ideas!
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Sometimes it feels like time is just flying by; suddenly, before you know it, Halloween is already here! You can rush around to stores last minute in the hopes of finding something scary or cute in the right size, or you can take what you already have and improvise! We rounded up some fun ideas for costumes that you probably already own to help those who procrastinated feel a little less stressed.

The classic bed sheet ghost

It’s super simple and one of the easiest costumes to make, plus you’ll be able to get away with lots of tricks thanks to the anonymity that it grants! You can choose a funky pattern of bed sheet for a sassier look, or a simple standard white. Cut out some eyes so you’ll be able to see who’s doorbell you’re ringing, and ta-da, it’s done! You’ll find that people love the tribute to one of the most iconic Halloween looks out there, so have fun with it!

Snapchat filters

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We use them all the time for entertainment purposes and with a wide variety to choose from, there’s something for everyone to choose from. One friend could grab the notorious puking rainbow face, while another grabs the baby deer face one. The dogface option can be super easy to paint on (just add DIY ears), as well as the retro crying comic face. The best part about these is that you don’t really have to worry about what you’re actually wearing, just what’s on your face! Most of the filters can be made using everyday makeup items.

Han Solo and Princess Leia

All you need is a white outfit and the know how to create those awesome space buns for your hair (or use a towel) for a complete Princess Leia look. Han Solo proves to be easy as all you need is what’s already probably in your closet – a black or dark brown vest, a white long sleeve shirt, and some tall boots!

What are your favorite home-made costumes, and why? Share them with us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram! 

Yard Monsters! 

One of the most creative and easy last minute ideas for outside decorations are definitely these yard monsters! This guide by a girl and her glue gun shows you just how simple, fast, and fun they are to make! Forget those costly Halloween lights and hanging plastic yard zombies and go with this fun DIY decoration instead! (Bonus points because they can be left up all year round!) 

Have a spooky, fun and safe Halloween!