Kick Off to Our Anniversary Weekend with Grease!

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Kick Off to Our Anniversary Weekend with Grease!
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Remember the 1950s? Even if you were not born yet, everyone has a memory or two they love to share. The days when we knew and trusted all of our neighbors, when we either walked or rode our (one and only) bicycle everywhere we went, band concerts at our local park on Friday nights, also many, many times going to this same park to watch the “boys” play baseball,  the sock hops,  Mary Jane and Oxford shoes, the poodle skirts, greased hair, 57 Bel Air…roomy enough to take a whole car full of friends to the local drive in theatre!

We have brought this era to The Family Drive-In Theatre, starting on Thursday June 7th at 6:30 pm. We will be at our drive in theatre enjoying 50s music by our very own DJ; a 50s dance so get those feet a-moving (and for Pete’s Sake, wear comfortable shoes so you can really get down!); deck out in the 50s era or as your favorite character from GREASE. Prizes to be awarded including Grease Memorabilia. Grab your tickets here

Eddie Deezen Grease

Eddie Deezen

Eddie Deezen, who played ‘Eugene’, will be here and you can have your photo taken with him! He has fond memories of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, “who were so sweet and really part of the nicest crew ever. John Travolta was about 30 feet away from me and literally being mobbed by his fans when he took a moment to jog over to me and say, ‘Hi Buddy’ and shook my hand before jogging back over to his admirers.”

Another funny memory that Eddie shared with us involves he and Olivia Newton-John high jacking a gorgeous red convertible and driving it around the block at the Paramount Studios Lot. They were able to return it to its original parking space and no one was any wiser!

Eddie Deezen even shared some hilarious jokes that were on him! Remember Edd Byrnes from 77 Sunset? Edd Byrnes asked Eddie on the set of Grease if he wanted to use his comb, referencing the line…”Kookie, Kookie lend me your comb,” and Eddie responded, “No thanks.” In which case, everyone cracked up and told Eddie why it tickled everyone so much.

By 8:45 pm, we will happily be in our cars or lawn chairs getting ready to sing and dance and enjoy the 40th Anniversary showing of Grease!

We are showcasing our special event with prices affordable for everyone! $7 Adults; $3 Children (ages 3-11)

The story follows the love, drama and rivalries among the Rydell High School’s gangs – The T-Birds (led by Danny Zuko) and the Pink Ladies (bossed by Rizzo). Then….Sandra Dee arrives to shake things up a bit. While we empathize with her, we also live precariously through her: First love with Danny Zuko, her crushing break-up and then their reunion. Each step of the way, we are singing, reciting lines and bebopping to the show. The song “Summer Nights” that we all know by heart is the synopsis of the show. Everything you need to know can be found in those lyrics.Pink Ladies Gang Grease

Can you believe it? It’s the movie that lasts forever! Here we are 40 years later and it is still going strong. And funnily enough, we all know the words and dance moves like it was yesterday. Let’s all cheer “woo bop ba loo bop…. here we go again!”

Most of the characters cast in the show were young actors. So falling into the roles was easy for these kids. Says Dinah (Marty Maraschino) of the Sandra Dee scene, “We were so silly and had such great fun. We all got along so well and it was so much fun to torture Sandy; almost as much fun as it was to torture Olivia!”

Some favorite scenes included were the drive-in scene where at the end of the song, the hot dog jumped right into the bun and that was not planned according to a quote from the director, Randal Kleiser in Closer Magazine.  He also says that directing this show was like a party every day. Many of the actors had already starred in Grease on Broadway, like Jamie Donnelly who played Jan 5 years earlier. Dancing is definitely allowed and even encouraged. We look forward to seeing all the costumes and fancy dance moves. Who can do the Hand Jive?

Grease Trivia

T or F: Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn and unsewn from her skin tight outfit in order to go to the bathroom.  



T or F: This is the first time Eddie Deezen has ever seen Grease at a drive-in theatre.



Q:Where will the outfit from the “You are the One that I want” scene be auctioned?  

A:Olivia Newton-John’s charity; Cancer Wellness and Research


Q:Why was the show named Grease?

A:Grease the hair, Grease the wheels of our friendship.


Q:Who got the best reviews for the movie?

A:Stockard Channing


Q:Who went on to win a Tony Award?

A: Stockard Channing


Q:Which song were the directors going to drop from the show because it was such a downer?

A:“There are Worse Things I Could Do”.


Q:What famous person passed away the day Grease filmed “Beauty School Dropout”?

A: Elvis Presley ( August 16, 1977)

What are our local fans saying about the event?

Tammy Carlyle from Bea Sweet & Sassy can’t wait to share her childhood memories with her daughters and grand daughters, “It’s special to me because it brings back so many childhood memories and I’m really excited to go with my daughter and granddaughters. Even though they have seen the movie a dozen times, it’s the fact of it being at this theater that makes it even more special to me since it was originally shown at Drive Ins”.

Lonie Weiner from On The Spot Cleaning says, “I simply cannot sit down during Grease. I have to be able to get up and sing and dance. I can’t wait to go to the Family Drive-In.” 

Tell me more, tell me more
How much dough did he spend?
Tell me more, tell me more
Could she get me a friend? It turned colder; that’s where it ends
So I told her we’d still be friends
Then we made our true love vow
Wonder what she’s doin’ now
Summer dreams ripped at the seams
But, oh, those summer nights; Tell me more, tell me more
Tell me….I bet you sang this!
See you Thursday the 7th of June!!!