Kick off to 2018 Culinary Series! | Root to Table

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Kick off to 2018 Culinary Series! | Root to Table
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Root to Table Culinary Event - Taste of Blue Ridge

We here at Taste of Blue Ridge are incredibly excited and honored to announce the launch of our new website with an exclusive dining soirée; invitation only! Nestled in the comfy little town of Purcellville lies Magnolias at the Mill, the setting of our March 28th dinner and Loudoun County’s premier dining destination.

Magnolias is a beautifully rustic and restored building with wood accents that add warmth to the dining experience. Combined with a healthy saturation of hospitality and a touch of reality, you’ll feel right at home as soon as you walk in. Whether you’re tucked away in the private dining section, outdoors enjoying a meal in the sun or grabbing an over-the-top awesome drink at the bar (no seriously, try their Ideal Husband cocktail, it’ll blow your mind), you’ll love the atmosphere.

As another installment of our Root to Table series, ‘Taste This!’ will prove to be our biggest push yet. Guests ushered in will be amongst the top food destinations and personalities in their field, from mushroom farms to wineries, chefs and restaurant owners, lodging retreats, influencers, and more, the mix is sure to be an interesting and prosperous one.Taste ThisWe interviewed Magnolias’ top executive chef, Erik Foxx-Nettnin, to see what he’ll be cooking up for the event. Just in case you needed more of a reason to look forward to the night.

Q: One of the biggest crowd pleasers is food, something that Magnolias at the Mill knows and does well. What’s on the menu for Taste of Blue Ridge’s “Taste This!” event?

A: Featuring four local farm and food purveyors

Virginia Oysters Scallops 3 ways – War Shore Oyster Company

Randall Lineback Beef Tartar – Chapel Hill Farm

Preserved Ttomolive” and Beet Canape and Fried Green Tomatoes with Tasso Ham – Tranco Farms

Mangalitsa  Pork Belly  – Spring House and Sweet Fern Farm.

Pork Belly Magnolias at the Mill

Q: Aside from bringing the community together, what are you most looking forward to about the event?

A: Sharing our story, giving chefs the opportunity to find local farmers in one place,  and to help everyone realize how strong of a destination we are to anyone that eats food and enjoys things of substance.

Magnolias at the Mill

Q: What’s new at Magnolias?

A: We just started growing 3 different types of mushrooms for our upcoming mushroom dinner. All said and done we will have about 9 varieties of mushrooms worked into the dinner. We are growing some of the offerings as well as sourcing them through Shady Knoll Mushroom Farm. Or Spring menu is right around the corner and we’ve been doing a lot of face time with farmers on site.  Just this week we met a new partner in Chapel Hill Randall Lineback, from out of Berryville, Virginia. The cow that they raise is an endangered species and we look forward to helping the animal come back and to supporting the form that has taken on such a great mission.

If you know Erik, you know how humble of a guy he truly is. He’s a chef of great talent and a true asset to Magnolias’ team. He adds, “I really would like to thank Shawn Malone for believing in the mission of bringing a true local fabric to magnolias. None of it would be possible without him allowing for this major undertaking to come to fruition.  I would also like to thank Nancy for seizing the opportunity that she has and getting this partnership off the ground and organizing our thoughts amongst our busy schedules. Lastly, I would like to think our locals and restaurant guests for appreciating the product that we put in front of them and supporting us the way they have for so many years.”

Taste This

Keep your eyes peeled for our stamp of approval at locations throughout the valley ensuring quality product and service.

Taste of Blue Ridge was founded by Nancy Craun in 2016 as a way to connect her love of food with those in the community – chefs, farmers, brew masters, wineries, and, most importantly, other food lovers! With a keen eye for trends and a passion for locally sourced and home grown products from right here in the Shenandoah Valley, Taste of Blue Ridge was simply a natural next step for Go Blue Ridge Travel. So much of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley is about what our fertile region can grow; natural and authentic. Our goal is to put the spotlight on those in our community who truly live and breathe local sourced goodness, making it easier to put a face to a name and find what locals are really searching for. Quality, health, and well-being, straight from the root of the earth to your dining table.


“Taste of Blue Ridge Root to Table Series offer food experiences where we take the food from its origin and create amazing cuisine to be savor among friends. It is the conversations with the farmers and chefs that make this series so unique.”
– N. Craun, founder and owner of Go Blue Ridge Travel

Taste of Blue Ridge is honored to have the support of a wonderful community here in the Shenandoah Valley, and we look forward to many more wonderful years to come. We’d like to specially thank Schenck Foods Co. for their financial commitment, involvement and belief in our vision and mission becoming our $10,000 Signature Partner. We could not do this without their unwavering support and outstanding crew.

Didn’t get your invite? Request one here!