Just What the Doctor Ordered: Doc’s Tea

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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Doc’s Tea
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Doc's Tea
 Ask any health nutritionist or well-informed health nut, and they’ll tell you that water should be one of the only liquids you consume. Coffee stains your teeth, soda decays them, alcohol makes you gain weight, and juices and teas are loaded with sugars. What if I told you that there was a beverage that was easily as harmless as water? You’d probably be skeptical and ask for proof. And then I’d have to direct you to Doc’s Tea – because it’s true, their tea doesn’t just taste great, it’s great for you!

We got the chance to chat with Doc’s Tea’s Operations and Sales Director, Sarah, and learned all kinds of interesting things regarding their products.

Q: What was the inspiration behind Doc’s Tea?

A: “Dr. Ken Banks, a dentist in the eastern panhandle of WV is the brains behind the business.  He got very interested in loose leaf rooibos tea a few years ago.  The more research he did on the health benefits of this herbal bush, the more he liked what he was drinking.  The market is saturated with Ready to Drink Teas, but there was a gap when it came to Ready to Drink Rooibos Tea.  Rooibos comes from the “red bush” and is grown naturally caffeine free.  You can find a lot of decaf teas, but to find something grown naturally caffeine free is not as easy.  Dr. Banks decided he wanted to try to brew this rooibos with unique flavor profiles.  He took it a step farther and decided to brew himself, because the benefits of a micro-brewed (small batch) RTD tea exceeded what he was finding when he looked into co-packers.  Doc’s Tea launched in June 2015 and we now have 8 Sku’s and are getting ready to launch our 1st kids tea, Little Doc’s.”

Doc's Tea

Sarah Langford of Doc’s Tea

“I maintain the daily operations of our family run business.  Since we bottle and brew in house, a lot of responsibility comes along with record keeping and maintaining relationships with our distribution partners. This position allows me the freedom to work some crazy hours, but it gives me time with my two small children too.  They are the push behind our new brand, Little Doc’s.  Grant is 4 and Haven is 2.”

Q: Convince me to buy a bottle of Doc’s Tea!

A: “We are a micro-brewed and unfiltered Ready to Drink Tea.  You aren’t going to find anything out there in the same category as Doc’s Tea.  We brew in small batches and we don’t filter out all the healthy, good for you ingredients we put into our beverage.  We brew with actual tea leaves, no concentrates, and instead of just using flavors in our products, we use actual ingredients, for example, apple chips and cinnamon sticks are brewed into our Apple Cinnamon tea.  Sweetened with monk fruit, you aren’t going to find more than 1g of sugar in an entire bottle and 10 calories or less in a bottle.  Elderberry Blueberry and Sangria are our most popular, they are 0 grams of sugar and 5 calories in the bottle!  Doesn’t get much sweeter than that for your health 🙂  Price ranges from 1.99-2.29.”

Doc's Tea RooibosRooibos, first discovered centuries ago, has long been known for its medicinal powers, and now its standing as a health powerhouse has been confirmed by modern research. One of the reasons Rooibos is so beneficial: Its extremely high level of antioxidants helps keep your body strong by fighting free radicals in the bloodstream. Many researchers point to Rooibos’ antioxidants as a way to protect against cancer, strengthen your immune system, and ease maladies ranging from insomnia to headaches to irritability. With minerals such as manganese, fluoride and calcium, the tea also promotes bone growth and helps to keep teeth strong.

Doc's Tea monk fruitDoc’s Tea uses monk fruit, a small melon grown in China and Thailand. This little fruit has become incredibly popular as a healthy and natural substitute for sugar that won’t raise your blood sugar levels and has little to no calories! That’s how Doc’s Tea is able to get away with amazing flavor at only 1g< per bottle and under 10 calories. This little miracle fruit has been used for centuries and is finally being re-introduced, earning it’s place amongst even the strictest of dieters.

Q: What is your favorite part about working for/with Doc’s Tea? Do you have one memory or moment that sticks out from the rest?

A: “It is a family run operation.  It is neat to see a concept come to fruition and know that we are creating a premium product that is truly good for the consumer.  We bottled water at our facility in the summer of 2016 after a flood destroyed much of the lower portion of WV.  Grant, my now 4 year old was 2 at the time and took such pride in helping to pack water that day at the plant.  It is getting them involved and teaching them the value of hard work that makes family owned even more important.”

Doc's Tea

We’re not here to convince you that water is boring, just that there are more delicious ways to hydrate that won’t make you feel bad. It’s locally sourced and made right here in our little Valley — how amazing is that? The next time you’re out and about give Doc’s Tea a try! You won’t regret it.