Introducing Your Kids to the Internet

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Introducing Your Kids to the Internet
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Many of us can’t imagine life without the Internet now, but it’s still a relatively young invention! Anything with such a short lifespan is bound to have its flaws and shortcomings, and that’s why it’s so important to teach your kids the correct way to use it.

We’re now in the age of the ‘Linksters’, the youngest generation who’ve grown up on social media and the Internet. With Internet access now available on almost every device, and used by kids from a young age, it’s important to teach what’s okay and what’s not:

Emotional implicationssad emoticon

The first thing to make them realize as early on as possible is that the Internet, much like the real world, has unsafe aspects to it. Bullying can take on the form of cyberbullying; obscene language and inappropriate content can be as close as one click away.

Device longevity

Just like you can get sick in real life, so too can your computer or device! Accessing unsafe content or risky websites can lead to viruses, malware, and scams.

Kid using technologyPhysical implications

Overuse of computer and mobile devices also come with health risks. As many have come to realize, sitting is the new smoking. It’s important to limit your time online, or get up and take breaks in between usage. Staring at screens for too long can also cause eyestrain, wrist strain, and reinforce bad posture habits.

Bucket mascotThe VA Kids Trail mascot, Bucket, teamed up with AT&T’s Indy to guide your kids through learning about the Internet! Through interactive quizzes, crossword puzzles, coloring activities, and more, Indy will teach your kids about the Internet’s history, how it works, and using it on different devices. The best part is that they can do all of this through a virtual activity book, which also allows for you to print it out and complete. You can access that awesome learning tool, here. AT&T's Indy Internet Guide

The Internet is an incredibly useful tool, if used the correct way. We hope jumpstarting your child’s interest in it will lead to great things!