How To Pick A Bridal Show – 20 Years of Advice

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How To Pick A Bridal Show – 20 Years of Advice
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How does one pick a bridal show?  When a bride looks at all the national sites like Wedding Wire, The Knot, Perfect Wedding, and Premiere Bride, how do you narrow down which shows are right for you?

First decide what geographic areas interest you. Picking a bridal show that showcases venues is essential to a bride who has not chosen her location.  For example, Blue Ridge Bridal Shows is all about 100 + miles of the Interstate 81 Corridor concentrating on the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The leading bridal show in the region with the largest venue options listed from $ – $$$, Blue Ridge Bridal Show allows you to research the regions by visiting their website without If you do not live in this area, then understanding what you can find in venues is essential in deciding if this if a good choice for you. What is great about Blue Ridge Bride is that it has a sister site Go Blue Ridge Travel which will give you insight into what your guests can expect to find. 

The fastest growing industry is Destination Weddings. The Shenandoah Valley covers both the states of Virginia and West Virginia. With three airports for your guests to select from, accessibility to great attractions and hotels makes it attractive for your guests to plan a trip to the valley. Plus use invite your guests to use the planning guide from Go Blue Ridge Travel.

The second consideration is how much do you want the planning to be done by yourself (DIY) or how much do you want to past this obiligation to someone else.  Many of our destinations offer great planning services and will take all of this stress away from you. If you are looking for luxury resorts and the budget is available, the Omni Homestead offers luxury accommdations with wedding planning services part of their supreme service. Hillbrook Inn also is a one stop destination to explore. The Ashby Inn is a great choice for the smaller weddings. and can handle everything for you. Goodstone Inn also offers luxury accommodations for you and your guests in the Virginia Hunt Country setting. The George Washington Hotel will involve more effort on your part but is a great destination for your guests. If budget is an issue and you have the time to do lots of your own planning, then look at the smaller locations  where rooms will have to be offered separately to your guests. 

Many wedding professionals who live and work in the Shenandoah Valley have extensive backgrounds and are excellent in their fields. People move to the Shenandoah Valley to live and work because they love the lifestyle of the valley. Do not worry that  the greatest talent can only be foud in the metropolitan areas. This viewpoint will only limit you and prevent you from booking great talent in the valley. For example, our bakers like Cupcake Novelties. Farazan earned her professional background in India at the culinary arts schools of the Hilton Hotels.  Heather Merchant’s floral designs of Love Flowers Shenandoah has earned 5.0 of 5.0 on every review on Wedding Wire from her clients.

“Love Flowers is amazing! They are the kind florist that takes all of your wedding ideas and concepts and then designs something unique and beautiful just for you. Prepare to be wowed.” Wedding Wire




The talent is here in the valley. The beautiful venues are here. What are you waiting for?  Book the Shenandoah Valley today for your wedding!

Nancy Craun is the founder of Blue Ridge Bride, Blue Ridge Bridal Shows, and Go Blue Ridge Travel. With over 20 years as the leading event planner for the Shenandoah Valley, Craun has lived, breathed, and cherished the region she lives in. Serving presidents, actors, and brides, Craun has done events at the best venues the valley has to offer. Traveling the world each year, it is the valley, Craun comes back to and celebrates thru her new website – Go Blue Ridge Travel – a wikipedia of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia.