‘Hello!’ from Schenck Foods Co.

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‘Hello!’ from Schenck Foods Co.
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Culinary | Go Blue Ridge TravelOur first ever Blue Ridge ‘Root to Table’ event will take place this weekend, featuring all of our amazing, locally renowned chefs! We just wanted to let you guys know that they aren’t the only guys behind the stage. This is where our sponsors come in – and we’ve got an amazing one this year! Let us introduce you to Schenck Foods, your one stop shop for local and brand name foods and products.

Culinary | Go Blue Ridge TravelFor this interview, we went straight to the heart of Schenck’s sales team: Carol Staats, VP and Director of the Sales and Purchasing division. Kicking off the conversation, Carol notes first and foremost,“One of our strategic initiatives is to sell and source our local farm to table products.” If you interact with Schencks, you’ll be able to tell straight away that they live and breathe local resourcing, as well as community and relationship building. This is what our Root to Table event is all about! How perfect is that?

There’s more to Schencks than just that, though. “[We] also want to interact more with the community and our region to get our name out there, and to let people know what the advantage of buying from Schenck Foods is. We sell everything that our larger competitors sell. Our mission is to partner with our customers and provide them with excellent products and superior service.

“Our service is unmatched.”

Culinary | Go Blue Ridge Ttavel

Carol goes on to say, “We definitely agree with the mission of Taste of Blue Ridge, and that’s to make the region a destination for food, and with that, we want to partner with restaurants to provide their customers with quality products at great prices, while giving them great service!” It’s almost like Schencks was specifically crafted to fit our mold here at Taste of Blue Ridge and Go Blue Ridge Travel, but they’ve got an impressive resume of roughly 90 years in business, so it’s more like us fitting their mold!

Schenck Food Co. is a family run business, just like it was almost a century ago. True to their word, true to their mission, and true to their customers. Eat local, shop local. Choose Schencks.(P.S., they also offer catering, beverage, and warehouse and laundry services. Why would you ever need to go elsewhere?)

You can purchase tickets to our Blue Ridge Root to Table event for this weekend, here.