Girlfriends Weekend Getaways

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Girlfriends Weekend Getaways
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Hey ladies, isn’t it about time we do something for ourselves?  We work hard! Don’t we deserve a break every once in a while. We make time for everyone else – why not make time for the people that really get us – ‘our girlfriends’!.

My name is Emily and I am the Events Coordinator for the northern Shenandoah Valley counties on the Go Blue Ridge Travel website. Not only will I be posting ‘great events’ for you to participate in for the counties of Jefferson – Berkeley, West Virginia, and also Washington County in Maryland and Winchester, Frederick, Clark, and Loudoun in Virginia, but I will also be writing blogs on topics that I find interesting in the area.  Feel free to correspond with me at Emily Tharp at Go Blue Ridge Travel.

We think about going away with our families to the mountains in the Blue Ridge. We think about going on business trips. We take our kids to the Shenandoah Valley parks. We accompany our husbands and boyfriends to the game. Why don’t we take a trip with our gal pals?  They’re the ones that really know how to have fun! So grab those heels that have been gathering dust in the back of your closet and listen up!  

At the Winter Blue Ridge Bridal Marketplace in Winchester this past February, brides to be brought their whole posse of female friends to help them make their plans.  As women, we know that we need to lean on each other support, advice, and, of course, a good time. The show rewarded brides with many prizes, one of which was a Weekend Getaway for Girlfriends only from the Hilton Garden Inn in Winchester, Virginia. Blue Ridge Bridal Show knows how important it is to have time with the women we count on and wants us to take the time to celebrate with each other. 

I have found a great event in the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley.  Hey, Girlfriends Weekend is a getaway weekend in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.  Berkeley Springs likes to claim they are the ‘Girlie Capital of West Virginia’. From June 1 – 3rd, this quaint little town will provide you and your friends with the perfect weekend away from the stresses of everyday life.  

Rest and relax with a massage or pedicure. Shop at unique local shops that will have specials and discounts just for you! See and purchase art work from the Blue Ridge local artists.  The Star Theater is a favorite for movie goers… very untraditional seating on couches. The Strawberry Festival occurs on this same weekend. Enjoy delicious, ripe strawberries with chocolate fondue and champagne.  Strawberries, Chocolate, and Champagne …. three great combinations for all women.

Benefit from the gifts of other females, like quilting and musical talents. Participate in activities that will take you back, like hula hoop contest and dance offs. What would a girlfriends’ weekend be like without wine tastings? Don’t forget the local restaurants to make our dining experiences special. This is a fantastic weekend dedicated to celebrating the women that make your life fun! Invite your girlfriends and don’t miss the excitement.

So ladies, how do you have fun with your gal pals?  What’s the best way to spend time with each other? Leave a comment or look us up on Facebook.

Next up – April 21st and “Four Women Artists and Wine”