Getting to Know Alesatian Brewing Co.

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Getting to Know Alesatian Brewing Co.
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Caleb Alesatian Brewery

We were able to grab Caleb of Alesatian Brewery – and believe us, this is quite an accomplishment – for a short Q & A. Great guy, great brewery, great beer, and absolutely fantastic food in combination with Roma Old Town Pizzeria. Settle in and enjoy a small “behind-the-scenes” view of one of the hottest breweries in Old Town Winchester – Alesatian Brewery!

One of the reasons Caleb is a hard guy to grab is because there is so much going on at the brewery that he has to keep track of, pull together, and organize. Not to mention the constant need to adapt to our ever-changing community. Here’s his response when asked, “What’s new at Alesatian Brewery?”

“Alesatian always has tons of new things going on. We just updated our hours and are open 7 days a week. We now hold events Sunday-Thursday and have a Brew brunch Saturdays. On Sundays and Thursdays we hold food and drink specials for NFL games, Monday is industry night with 50% off pizzas and select $3 pints, Tuesdays we have half off growler fills and Wednesdays we hold vinyl night or trivia nights. Vinyl nights are help the first and third Wednesdays and trivia is held the second and fourth.

We constantly brew new beers and push our creative limits. Coming soon will be our Hill High Pumpkin Porter made with local pumpkins. We also have our first barrel aged stout coming out and a new Imperial IPA with an experimental yeast strain from the Nederland’s.”

Valley brewing at its finest!

Alesatian is really big hit with locals and visitors alike and sports great reviews across the board. It’s always interesting to get the story behind the success, so we asked, “What was the inspiration behind starting up Alesatian?”

“Alesatian started as a hobby with fellow brewer Paul Froeschle and an idea to try and build off of Roma Old Town’s success and the recent craft beer movement in the Winchester/Frederick County areas. We started by traveling and talking to a ton of local brewers and seeing what ideas they had and things they would change from the time they opened. We slowly started to gain traction on the science behind brewing and mastering the art, one batch at a time. We were able to invest in a great pilot system, thanks to the support and trust from my father Benjamin Ritenour. We started producing what we thought was solid beer and had people in the community taste and by our surprise they agreed! We spent well over a year producing small batch beers to perfect recipes we wanted to open with. Finally July 22nd hit and we were off with our Grand Opening. It has been a big hit in town as well as the state!”

When asked what sets his brewery apart from the rest, he attributes it to the “constant ability to adapt and change,” through obstacles thrown their way, paired with “the use of quality ingredients, of course.” He continues:

“We have been fortunate to have early success, but strive to make ourselves better each and every batch. From asking other brewing professionals, admitting we are learning as we go, and ultimately seeing brewing as an art as well as science. Paul and I have taken the challenge and want to produce the best quality beer possible for everyone’s enjoyment.”

Interested in checking Alesatian out? The family-run business is owned by both Caleb and his father, Benjamin Ritenour of Roma Old Town Pizzeria, located in the loving arms of Old Town Winchester.