Fresh Local Meat and Vegetables at Gentle Harvest

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Fresh Local Meat and Vegetables at Gentle Harvest
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Gentle Harvest has its roots planted in Marshall, Virginia (literally), but now it also has a home here in Winchester! It is a business that centers around organic, locally-grown and tasty meats, fruits, vegetables, and more!  After years of increasing factories, pesticides, and processed foods, people are starting to learn more about their health and what they consume, and it’s changing the industry. People want to go back to the basics, and Gentle Harvest delivers just that.Gentle Harvest | Go Blue Ridge Travel | Root to Table | Taste of Blue Ridge | Local Resourcing | Ayrshire Farm

Their menu has plenty of options, with everything from already-prepared family-sized meals, to a savory breakfast muffin with sausage, and even to dog and cat food. Between the bar, the Hunter’s Head Tavern, the farm, and the drive-thru, they’ve got a lot to offer!

The parent organization, Ayrshire Farm, is where all of the best meats come from. Sandy Lerner, who manages the 100 workers at the farm, is proud of the principles at Ayrshire. In her feature in WSJ. Money magazine, she emphasizes the importance of keeping agricultural heritage in America and raising the animals the right, and humane, way. This means that everything is organic, local, and non-GMO – and that’s certainly something to brag about!

Gentle Harvest | Go Blue Ridge Travel | Root to Table | Taste of Blue Ridge | Local Resourcing | Ayrshire FarmYou may be thinking “that’s awesome! I want to try their products!” Well, you can! Gentle Harvest has an online store where you can purchase a variety of meats (and other things!). The website is just one of the ways Gentle Harvest is working to make fresh, organic foods and goods more accessible.  All you have to do is go to the website, pick which items you’d like to purchase, and then choose how to get them: items can be shipped to you, you can pick them up in-store, or you can even have them delivered – that’s right – straight to your door!

If this is your first time ordering through the online store, feel free to go with what you know. Ground beef, Italian sausage, and smoked ham are classic options that you can do a lot with! However, the second or third time around, try something new! The meats from Ayrshire Farm go beyond the average cuts you’d get from a grocery store.  Try the veal stew meat, the crown roast of pork, or even the boneless beef chuck roast – you can experiment with new ingredients that you already know will be fresh and delectable!

Still curious to know more about Gentle Harvest and Ayrshire Farm? Are you wondering what their products taste like, and ready to try them for yourself?  Well, coming up on August Gentle Harvest | Go Blue Ridge Travel | Root to Table | Taste of Blue Ridge | Local Resourcing | Ayrshire Farm18th & 19th is the Taste of Blue Ridge “Root to Table” event, the first of the Culinary Series.  This event focuses on regionally-grown ingredients and locally-known chefs – the food they create, the drinks we pair with it, and the community that comes together from it all. We are eager to share that Chef Lawrence Kocurek, from Gentle Harvest, will be partaking in this event! He will work with the Heritage Breed Beef from Ayrshire Farm for the third course dish. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know more about the Gentle Harvest team and products, while enjoying others from the culinary community as well!

Click here to get your ticket for the Root to Table event!