Fun Places to Explore This Winter in the Blue Ridge

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Fun Places to Explore This Winter in the Blue Ridge
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Get off your phones and tablets and get outside this winter season! We know it’s cold, and yes, we know snow tends to lose its novelty after you’re around aged 12, but that’s no excuse to huddle in your house! Netflix and a hot tea seems like the perfect remedy (and most of the time it is) for when it’s so cold outside it makes your face hurt, but that can also lead to some pretty harsh cabin fever. And when you pull up social media and see all of your friends doing exciting things and taking advantage of the snow, it can lead to FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out. So strap on your snow boots and check out the list below to see what attractions are near you!


 If you really do insist on staying inside somewhere, there are tons of locations that are fun to explore.

Magnolias at the Mill winter

Magnolias at the Mill is a popular drive for both Virginia and West Virginia back yard neighbors, and a highly recommended spot if you’re looking for a warm atmosphere to combat the winter weather. Located in the small town of Purcellville, Virginia in Loudoun County, Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin brings regional food to the valley. “Here at Magnolias we get in whole animals and fabricate them down. What I’ve brought to every kitchen is how to properly and respectfully handle the food that you govern.” Stop by with friends and warm up at the bar with a cocktail expertly made by their bartenders, followed up with something really savory cooked up in the kitchen. You can’t go wrong with this rustic restaurant.

Winter exhibits at MSV

Another great location, nestled in Winchester, VA, is Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. For a more refined kind of fun, explore the beautiful artwork, exhibits, and winter gardens that the museum has! This location also hosts tons of hands-on, interactive classes that you and friends can partake in, ranging from pottery and wine nights to basket weaving, and even classes for the kids. We highly recommend taking advantage of dreary winter weather and checking the MSV out!

If indoor family fun is what you seek, check out Skyline Paintball! They have a huge indoor laser tag arena. Laser tag gets your adrenaline pumping as you rush through the dark, both trying to hit people with your laser beam while also avoiding being hit! It’s hide and seek covered in neon splashes of color, and a sure way to get everyone in the family involved.


 For the adventurously minded who seek the fresh air of the outdoors, look no further than the Shenandoah Valley! Winter weather can make it hard to travel, but lucky for you, dear reader, Northern Virginia hosts some of the best resources for local living and entertainment!

If you’re interested in skiing or snowboarding, stop by Bryce Resort where they offer these amenities! Book a room for the weekend – there’s something here for all ages and it’s an excellent way to take advantage of any possible snow we may get. Maybe your taste in wBryce Resort inner tubing winterinter sports is more laid back… try “winter-tubing”! Sit down in an intertube and let gravity do all of the hard work for you! Upon reaching the bottom of the slope, ride a ski lift back to the top, rinse and repeat! Afterwards, you can head inside for a meal at their restaurant and a hot chocolate.

For a similar package deal as Bryce Resort’s, Massanutten Resort offers skiing, snowboarding, and “winter-tubing” as well. As an added bonus, they also have an indoor water park where you can pretend its summertime as you slip down a mammoth-sized water slide!winter hikes at harpers ferry

Hiking in the wintertime doesn’t always paint the prettiest of pictures. It can be cold, or slippery with snow, or wet due to melting snow or all of these things combined. However, due to our (so far) snowless January, we think everyone should be taking this chance to get outdoors and hike! The Shenandoah Valley region has some of the most gorgeous views  – if you’re willing to get to them! Aside from hiking trails at both Bryce Resort and Massanutten, we highly recommend hiking the Appalachian Trail starting in Harpers Ferry, WV. You can commit to hiking just part of it or the entire trail, which stretches all the way to Pennsylvania! If you don’t end up hiking, Harper’s ferry offers plenty of historic sites, cool restaurants, and eclectic shops all within walking distance.

So don’t get stuck at home with the winter blues; you can only binge-watch TV episodes for so long. Check out all of the exciting places your local area offers through Go Blue Ridge Travel!