Earth Day Arboretums & Ideas

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Earth Day Arboretums & Ideas
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Every spring, when the flowers have bloomed and sleepy trees awake with greenery to usher the oncoming rain and heat waves of summer, we are reminded just how beautiful our planet is. Earth day always falls on April 22nd, a consistent date for the people to raise public awareness about pollution and how we need to keep our beautiful Earth clean. On a global level, the day is recognized by worldwide rallies and conferences. On a more local level, it’s celebrated by holding outdoor activities and service projects. Keep reading for fun ways to promote the meaning of Earth Day!

This April 21-22, stop by the Frances Plecker Education Center for the Edith J. Carrier Arboretum’s Native Plant Sale! The event is located in Harrisonburg, where you’ll find an abundance of dogwoods and redbuds, as well as a healthy mixture of shrubs and perennials to take home and make come to life! “For savvy gardeners wanting a garden filled with plants tailored by Mother Nature to be suited to regional climate and precipitation, the EJC Arboretum’s Native Plant Sale is the right place to shop.”

For a complete listing of the available plant life for purchase, keep reading. For event details such as time, date, and location, click here!


Dogwoods; redbuds; fringe tree; serviceberry; northern red, willow, blackjack, English & chestnut oaks; river birch; dove tree; variegated sweet gum; flowering cherries; little-leaf linden; yellowwood; bald cypress; false cypress; magnolias; arborvitaes; hornbeam; honey locust; vitex. (P.S. – did you know a single tree can absorb up to 48lbs of carbon dioxide every year?)

Elderberry; fragrant sumac; sweet shrub; hydrangeas; buttonbush; beautyberry; witch hazels; evergreen rhododendrons; summersweet; hollies; snowberry; red & black chokeberry; ninebark.

Perennial Wildflowers

Wild columbine; goatsbeard; meadow anemone; wild ginger; hepatica; foam flower; bloodroot; 4 species of trillium; Dutchman’s breeches; trout lily; Jack-in-the-pulpit; Virginia bluebells; shooting star; blue cohosh; dwarf crested iris; Jacob’s ladder; black cohosh; phlox; blue-eyed grass; cardinal flower; coreopsis; false indigo; milkweeds; poppy mallow; bee balm; rattlesnake plantain; ferns.


Want to stay in and still recognize Earth day? There are actually tons of things you can do in your own home to help better the planet.

  • Step one is to simply de-clutter your home! The top thing to remember when spring-cleaning is to recycle, not just toss things into the garbage.
  • When tackling things from home, always remember to use natural solutions vs. things that involve harmful chemicals or pesticides. Got pesky bugs invading the house? Plant foliage or buy/build structures that promote certain bug-eating animals to visit the area around your home, like birdhouses!
  • Conserve energy by, again, using as many natural solutions as you can find. For lighting, open curtains as opposed to using electricity. Turn on the fan instead of turning on the air conditioner, and wear warmer clothes instead of turning on the heat.
  • Conserve water by ultimately using less of it! Aside from altogether skipping showers, you can instead opt to take cooler, shorter ones. By using a cooler temperature, you end up using less energy. Additionally, use the dishwasher instead of hand-washing dishes.