Discover Shenandoah Caverns!

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Discover Shenandoah Caverns!
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Shenandoah Caverns

Here in the Shenandoah Valley, we are surrounded by some truly incredible natural beauty. The bright, vibrant flowers blossom in the spring, the leaves change into a breathtaking autumnal color scheme in the fall, and the waterfalls in the mountains are the perfect destinations in the heat of the summer.  But even throughout the winter, there is plenty to see and explore!

Some of the most intriguing, most unique, and most fascinating parts of the valley are the caverns, Shenandoah Cavernshidden underground just waiting to be explored. You’ve probably heard about Luray Caverns, but even if you’ve been there before, you should know that there are other great places worth checking out. One amazing gem that we love is the Shenandoah Caverns!

Home to the Shenandoah Uncorked Wine Festival, if you’ve never been before, you’re in for a real treat! You will have a tour guide taking you through the mile-long adventure, where you’ll cross through seventeen different rooms. Being only an hour-long tour, it is certainly do-able for the whole family!

One feature that really sets Shenandoah Caverns apart from the rest is that they are the only caverns in Virginia equipped with elevator service. Elevator service adds to the convenience and the ease – there will be no stairs to climb, making your tour the best experience possible for the kids and the grandparents.

Shenandoah CavernsSome people think that because the caverns are outdoors, that it is only a springtime or summertime activity. However, even with temperatures starting to drop, the caverns stay at 56 degrees year-round, so you won’t freeze while on your tour!  Think about it… at some point, the children are going to start getting tired of being cooped up in the house. This is such a fun way to get them out of the house, off of the tablets and phones, and learning at the same time!

Speaking of learning, maybe you shouldn’t tell the kids this is educational… Your Shenandoah Cavern tour guide will fill you in on all of the awesome history behind these formations. Going on the tour could also make for an awesome school report, art project, or history lesson! Did you know that the caverns were first discovered during the building of the railway? That same railway was used to bring it’s first passengers! Check out this blog, “The Discovery & Opening of Shenandoah Caverns” from Jessica at Shenandoah Caverns to learn more!

As a photographer myself, the caverns are the most beautiful backdrop you could ask for. If you’re into photography, this is definitely a one-of-a-kind place to be.  Since you’ll be walking through seventeen different rooms, and seeing thousands of formations, there are endless opportunities to get pictures that will stand out! You can check out the Long View Hall and the Diamond Cascade, plus other incredible breakfast bacon formationformations like Rainbow Lake and Breakfast Bacon. Yes – we said bacon.  The Breakfast Bacon was featured in National Geographic magazine because of how unusual and unique it is!

You should know that Shenandoah Caverns has been around for over 90 years – which means you will get to experience a natural wonder that is truly historical and special. As an extra bonus, admission includes your own self-guided tour of Main Street of Yesteryear.  Plus, right next door to their Family of Attractions is Route 11 Potato Chips and the Meem’s Bottom Covered Bridge. So if you are coming from further away, you can make a day out of it and keep the kids entertained! But if you are coming from another part of this area, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s only two minutes from I-81 at Exit 269.

The caverns open at 9:00 am, and there are no tours after 4:00 pm. So next time the kids get bored, or you’re looking for something exciting and new to do on the weekend, check out the Shenandoah Caverns and Family of Attractions!