Discover kids activities centered around fitness experiences

Bucket Kids Trail Mascot focus on fitenss

Explore kids activities centered around fitness

Teaching out children to be active is part of making their future lives healthy.  A lifestyle centered around outdoor activities will lead to fitness being part of their daily experiences. Bucket, our Virginia Kids Trail Mascot has an inquisitive nature. She cannot wait to get up and start moving exploring family fun experiences here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Although her friends, Shenny, Ridge, and Fungi are not as excited about being fit, they are a team and cannot wait to share each other adventures.

“Explore the Virginia State Parks’

There is nothing like a good hike to let children find surprises. Check out Sky Meadows where there is a children’s discovery trail. The newly open Natural Bridge State Park features a real Indian village. There are wonderful campgrounds where you can spend the night and experience the sounds of the night creatures who reside here in our Blue Ridge Mountains.

“Free Trips and Tips on Taking Children Hiking”

Check out the do’s and don’ts on hiking with kids. Some popular spots are Bears Den and Elizabeth Furnace Campgrounds. For the older kids, Rag Mountain is a must.

Rope Course on VA Kids Trail | Go Blue Ridge Travel

“Take it to the Max – From adventure rope courses to river rafting to Mountain Biking”

Pick the adventure based on the age of your children. It is always better to call first. The smile one sees on a twelve year old who has experienced Bryce Resort’s Mountain Bike Park is a lifelong memory. Rafting rips offer a first-hand experience working together as a team plus it is fun to see the valley for the middle of the river.

“Baseball as an American Summer Past-time”

Get your kids out fo the house and off the couch watching TV. Attend the small town baseball games to truly experience the roots of the sport. We are highlighting Staunton but there are may leagues here in the Shenandoah Valley.

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