Diamonds-Flowers-Chocolate – Valentine Gifts for the Man or Woman?

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Diamonds-Flowers-Chocolate – Valentine Gifts for the Man or Woman?
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One thing is certain men and women do not always speak the same language when it comes to romantic gifts.  Sometimes I think the men have it easier than the women.

A woman will always accept flowers and chocolate if the flowers are also there. Chocolate by itself just doesn’t do it. Of course, diamonds will always be accepted as well and are a wonderful surprise. 

But what should we get the men.  Most men I know do not openly let you know what they would like to have. Perhaps seasonal football tickets but this is not a birthday it is a romantic holiday so what is a woman to do.

Here are some options for both sexes……

1. Gift Cards – Give a woman or man a gift card…… drop by Mane Attraction Salon and Wellness Spa in Winchester.  You can also go to Live An Artful Life, an USA Made in America artisan gallery in The Plains, VA.  Both Harrisonburg and Winchester Downtown areas have wonderful small business shops for unique purchases.  

2. Take a Hike in the Mountains or by the Rivers – How about a special acitivity — like a wonderful hike in Virginia or West Virginia. Time with the other person is worth more than money can buy. Trails across the state offer paths from easy walking trails to more challenging for families who are experienced hikers. The leaves are off the trees, affording clear and amazing views for miles around.

3. Share your LOVE What are you most passionate about? Art? Music? History? Check out the museums under Go Blue Ridge Travel for children, history, art, quilts, civil war and much more. Just pick your favorite under Activities.  The Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley has it all. Valentine’s Weekend is a great time to share your love of music, art, history and more with your family and start building great traditions together.

4. All in one Resorts – Great for family togethering with tons of activities but also if mom and dad do want some time for just the two of you, programs to keep the kids entertained and on-site babysitting services. Check our Bryce Resort, a very kids friendly resort.

5. Go Old School Take your kids to one of Virginia’s, Maryland’s, or West Virginia’s charming small towns and let them delight in the old-fashion goodness of real soda fountains, local diners, farmers markets, cool old train stations and true Americana.

6. Sweets for the sweets If chocolate is a must for your Valentine’s amusement, take pride in the sweets you buy. Visit local chocolatiers and candy shops. Cupcake Novelties has custom decorated oreo cookies – a real man favorite!

7. Put LOVE at the Heart of Your Virginia Vacation Can you think of a more perfect photo opp for Valentine’s then you and your family in front of a giant LOVE sculpture? There are more than 20 to choose from in Virginia. Make a weekend out of visiting as many Virginia is for Lovers LOVEworks as you can, take your picture and share it out to send your love to your family and friends.

8. Dining is always a great choice. A wonderful culinary experience over great wine is great for both the guy and the gal.  Great wine, a fire in the fireplace, a beautiful restaurant setting.  The Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley is a meca for great restaurants.  Check out the ones on Go Blue Ridge Travel including 868 Estate’s Vineyard’s Grandale Restaurant. 

9. Movie and a Culinary Experience. Each year the movie industry premiere’s the Valentine movie of the year.  This year it will be Safe Haven based on the romance novel by Nicholas Sparks.  Picking the 2nd Annual Valentine Dinner and Movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on February 14th will solve all your problems. You can pick the Sweetheart package that comes with a Music by SV Jazz Ensemble, a Free Photo, a Rose, Chocolates, and your romantic words to on the screen.  Your problem is solved!

Valentine’s is all about love. Just remember that. It is not the gift, it is your actions that really speak more than words.