Culinary Series #3 – Made from Scratch Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Winchester VA

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Culinary Series #3 – Made from Scratch Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Winchester VA
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Go Blue Ridge Travel’s featured Valentine event is “Red Carpet Romance at the Alamo”. Celebrating its third year in partnership with GoBRT and Blue Ridge Bride, couples will literally walk in the theater on a Red Carpet listening to harp music. The event begins with a champagne reception in the lobby and picture taking of the romantic couple. At this event you get it all including red rose at your table, chocolates, and prizes from Kernstown Commons merchants. For many couples, this event is becoming a tradition. Then you get to watch the opening premiere of 2014’s Valentine movie – “Winter’s Tale” starring Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, and Jessica Brown Findlay (formerly Sybil Branson of Downton Abbey).

However, one of the biggest surprises at the event is the menu.  This year is the first year for Chef Barbara Hineline to oversee the 4 course menu. Having just attended an event at the Alamo, I experienced the best fish tacos I have ever had and the signature cherry chocolate cake cannot be resisted.  The Valentine event will feature Tenderloin of Beef Medallions with Broiled Maryland Crabcake, Roasted Asparagus, Mini Loaded Potato Pancake, and a White Balsamic Mead Reduction as the main course. A Vegetarian option is available.

I asked Barbara as part of our Wine and Craft Beer Series to give me a blog about why the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a perfect match for her.  Enjoy –


“A Baltimore Girl’s Journey to Craft Beers”

Being from “The Land of Pleasant Living” automatically makes me a “Natty Boh” fan. And since the famous “One Eyed, Mustached” Man, was my hero in my early legal drinking days. I still have a soft spot for a cold one on a hot summer day, especially if I’m at an O’s game HON! As a young woman in Baltimore, I learned to love beer.  It was hard not to do, given that Baltimore’s first manufacturing industry was a brewery, and to this day Baltimoreans appreciate their beer, so much in fact, that we have been increasingly skipping over commercial, watered-down brews, in favor of local craft beers.

Craft beers are nothing new in Baltimore, in fact, Hugh Sisson, opened and operated Baltimore’s first brewpub, Sissons, in the late 80’s. Given that it was the first brew pub opened in Baltimore since Prohibition, it was a novelty at the time to go to South Baltimore’s Federal Hill area, and get beer brewed right on the premise, as well as buy a “growler” to go, and come back time and time again to have it refilled to take home and enjoy; thereby setting the craft beer movement in Baltimore in motion.  Who know that nearly 30 years later, this would become the standard in many a brewpubs across the country, not to mention a movie theater.

Last year, when I had the opportunity to accept a job as Executive Chef at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, I could not pass it up.  Imagine, a life long lover of local brewed beers, working in a venue that has well over 30 craft beers on it’s list, in addition, they have the “growler” program that I so came to love many years ago.  We serve over 30 different kinds of beers, both draught and bottled, craft and commercial.  What I like best, is being able to go back to my affingent for local brews, and at Alamo Drafthouse we offer quite a few.  My favorite beers tend to be dark and heavy, full of nut, caramel, vanilla, coffee, and even peanut butter. The three I like best that have all my favorite characteristics are Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout, originally brewed in Virginia, but now brewed in Delaware.  Devils Backbone, brewed in Nelson, Virginia, which in an amber colored lager with hints of nut & vanilla. And finally, Sweet Baby Jesus, brewed in Maryland.  This porter has a peanutty chocolate finish.  All three are the perfect combination to enjoy either by the pint or with friends by the growler.  Additionally, they are perfect to cook with, blending our Drafthouse persona with our movie food standards. 

At Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, I have blended these great beers with some amazing menu items.  I have done Drafthouse Gingerbread with a hint of Dominion Oak Barrel Stout.  Our new Cherry Chocolate Cake is perfect for the Sweet Baby Jesus Porter, a hint of the peanut butter with the chocolate and a slight coffee finish….not need for the an espresso here! And finally, the Devils Backbone Lager is used in a crispy batter for our special Fish Tacos, run for a limited time.  It is amazing how to incorporate these brews into our foods, thereby offering our guests a real Drafthouse experience.

You never know where you are going to find yourself.  A local Baltimore girl, drinking Natty Boh, and even PBR, which we do sell by the bottle, growing up with Breweries in almost every neighborhood, finding the perfect career combination.  Enjoy one of life’s tasteful treasures and cooking with them as well.”

Thanks Barbara – for a great personal blog – her bio:

Barbara Hineline, a Winchester resident has been involved in the Restaurant, Catering, and Event Planning business for over 20 years. Barbara has worked in a wide array of dining venues during her career, including the acclaimed  Jean Louis at Watergate. She has been Director of Catering and  Assistant  General Manager for  Baltimore based Donnas at the Baltimore Museum of Art and General Manager at Donnas in the St. Gregory Hotel, Georgetown. While in Baltimore and DC, Barbara has had the opportunity to cater to many celebrities, including Jodie Foster, Holly Hunter, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and many more, as well as countless politicians including Ronald Regan, George Bush, SR, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, and many Senators and Congressmen & Women.

In addition to Catering and Event Planning,   she has taught Cooking classes in several Winchester locations, and has planned events for companies from Winchester to Miami, Florida. In the summer of 2009,  Barbara won a Character Fantasy Contest for the USA Network, where she filmed her own Cooking Show that aired Nationally.

Well versed in a wide range of cooking styles, Barbara brings a great deal of diverse cooking to augment the standard Alamo menu, offering a wide variety of gluten free and vegetarian options.  Barbara is also ready to meet any other dietary restrictions.  She welcomes emails and inquiries into how she can make your dining a Alamo Drafthouse Cinema a great experience for you.