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Corporate Plans
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Go Blue Ridge Travel

Planning a Team Building Retreat, Summit, Board Meeting, Awards Event or Gala in Virginia or West Virginia –

Go Blue Ridge Travel makes it easy to plan your companies meeting in the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley and share your plans with the committee or CEO.

  • Register first so you can log in and begin to create your meeting setting the dates, and the Region that offers the facilities best for your agenda and goals. If you are not sure of the region, take time to explore all of them from the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway to Hunt and Wine Country, to Shenandoah Valley to Wild Wonderful Jefferson County, West Virginia – DC’s Greenwich Village.  check out at facility meeting space.  Many of these regions overlap so do not limit your exploration.
  • Remember you can bookmark accommodations, activities, and events and share these with the other decision makers responsible for this trip.
  • Once you have decided on your main accommodations, look at the corporate retreat checklist and see other items you need to check off as done.  If you have something that is not on the list, share it with us so we can add it to the corporate checklist.
  • You will be able to make notes of who your contacts are with their phone number. 
  • Proceed thru each step until your checklist is complete.  Again, you can email this at any time for approval from the committee!

Planning a corporate event is not easy but the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley has many companies specializing in team building, summit board meetings, and just a fun getaway for your staff to say “thank you”.

Go Blue Ridge Travel’s goal is to help you be efficient with your time and energies.  Perhaps a pre-planning weekend is necessary, just create your two – three day vacation as well with Go Blue Ridge Travel.  Nothing should be all work!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@GoBRT.com or call 540-533-1853.