Celebrating Love of Desserts With Nibblins!

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Celebrating Love of Desserts With Nibblins!
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Fudge, cakes, tarts, sweets… how could one ever figure out which desserts they want to “nibble” on? You’ll find a huge selection at Nibblins! Choose from a wide assortment of delicious goodies, as well as cookware to make your own goodies! All of that, coupled with their cooking classes, makes Nibblins your one stop shop for all things culinary. We got a chance to sit down with owner Susan Dolinar to chat about their upcoming events, as well as their contribution to our Blue Ridge Root to Table campaign.

Tell me about the Cake Festival and Cupcake Gala. How will they work?

“If you are a baker and like to decorate cakes you may enter a cake for judging, by former white house chef Roland Mesnier. There will also be a peoples’ choice where the favorite cake of the show will win a prize. If you just have an interest, you can attend that day and we will have what we call “local celebrities” that will decorate for fun. Our charity this year is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Virginia, so we will donate, in the name of whoever wins, $50-60.00 to their cause. And then we have several demonstrations that will go on in other rooms, and we have a few vendors set up. So there’s a few things to do, plus you know, if it’s a beautiful day, we’re right there by downtown Winchester for people to do other things.” The cake festival will be held at the George Washington Hotel on Sunday, August 13th from 12 – 4:30 pm.

“Before we will have a cupcake gala where we have (hopefully) about 8 cupcake bakers baking cupcakes for people to taste. We have Fox Meadow Winery doing a wine tasting, and we’ll have hor d’oeuvres and the silent auction, and that will all go to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

Not afraid of crowds, Susan mentions, “We’ve got plenty of space in the kitchen. We’ve accommodated 100 people before.” So make sure to come out to Nibblins on Saturday, August 12th from 7 – 10 pm for heavy hor d’oeuvres, cupcake and wine tastings, and a silent auction!

You can purchase tickets for either event, here.

You’ll be making a peach tart dessert dish to polish off the night’s five-course meal at Root to Table. Why a peach tart? Isn’t that a little unusual? 

Susan Dolinar

Susan Dolinar, Owner of Nibblins

“Peaches should be in season (and they will be locally sourced peaches from Mackintosh Fruit Farm). I like doing things in a tart shape; it’s just kind of my signature! It’s an easy pan to get it in and out of, as opposed to a pie that you usually put in an aluminum pan, which means they’re then going to be thrown away… I mean I’m not a super ecological person, but I do have an adverse reaction to creating too much trash.”

Desserts with a green drive behind him? Yes, please!

“I do what’s called a rustic tart, which has a lattice top on it, and it’s just kind of a signature thing that I’ve done to look different from other peoples’ pies. Plus,” she adds, “My husband is not a huge extra crust person so he doesn’t mind that we’re missing the end of the pie crust!”

What are you most looking forward to with Blue Ridge Root to Table? What are you hoping will stand out? 

 “For me, to make people aware that we have tarts. On the whole, I think it’ll be interesting to see a bunch of different chefs get together and create a meal!”

Tickets are now available for the first weekend of Blue Ridge Root to Table. You can buy them here.