Celebrate Her this Mother’s Day

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Celebrate Her this Mother’s Day
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It has been said that the most undervalued job in the world is that of motherhood. They cradled us, fed us, and clothed us; they raised us to be the people we are today. A best friend, a shoulder to cry on, an advice giver, and ‘mean’ when they have to be, mothers form bonds with their children like no other on this planet. They’re irreplaceable, but at the same time they won’t always be here. You should value your mother each day, but this May 14th calls for a little something extra to truly celebrate how wonderful she is.

Ideas for Valley dwellers

If your mom is a wine-lover (and we can assure you there are few who aren’t), take her to Hillsborough Vineyard for their Mother’s Day Lunch! Complete with an enticing menu, clown entertainment, treats, and wine, Hillsborough invites you to join them to “toast to the amazing moms in our lives!” A small bonus, all of your pictures will have a beautiful backdrop thanks to the location’s wide-open green spaciousness and mountains.


If you’re closer to West Virginia, check out the Harpers Ferry Gypsy Market, loaded with great vendors. Bring mom to the beautiful, historically scenic town of Harpers Ferry to hand pick what she likes, with choice vendors ranging from fresh cut flowers, to handmade jewelry, to yummy treats. You can even head there a day early if scheduling is your hold-up, as the market will be going May 13th through the 14th.


Take her to see a movie! A drive-in movie offers a nostalgic experience for more experienced moms, and a fun way to relax and enjoy time with their kids for every mom. The Family Drive-In Theatre will be playing Beauty & the Beast, followed by the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (now sitting comfortably at a cool 82% on rotten tomatoes). The best part is that on Sunday, May 14th, all moms will get to enjoy a free small popcorn with any ticket purchase.

I challenge you to find a mother who wouldn’t enjoy a spa day at the Hillbrook Inn & Spa. Go on, we’ll wait! Featuring aromatherapy and deep tissue massages, soothing facials, and body treatments, we guarantee that a few hours at the Hillbrook Inn will have mom feeling like a brand new woman! Go ahead and make a reservation if you want to be recognized as the favorite child.

If you’ll be spending this Mother’s Day without mom, just take time out of your day to remember all of the things she’s taught you. Take note of the good or maybe even quirky things you inherited from her, and know that wherever she is, one of her greatest accomplishments will always be having been a mother. Happy Mother’s Day from Go Blue Ridge Travel.