BryceFest & Bike Park: It’s Time to Get Extreme

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BryceFest & Bike Park: It’s Time to Get Extreme
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Bryce Bike Park biker jumping

With Bryce Resort’s BryceFest just two weeks away (July 7th – live music, food, & fireworks), we thought we’d take a trip to the resort to explore one of their most popular amenities – the Bike Park!

Sitting on an expansive property at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Bryce Resort has one of the best sites to get EXTREME, the Bryce Bike Park. They have created one of the highest rated Bike Parks in the area that is a challenge for all skill levels. Be aware, when we say Bike Park, don’t be confused with going in circles or over small bumps and ridges. This Bike Park winds down the mountainside through wooded trails with various jumps and man-made structures. With over 5 trails ranging in difficulty, this is sure to be fun for all ages.

bryce bike park mapBeginners

For the cautious character that doesn’t like to be too adventurous, the “Sundowner Trail” is the perfect place to get your feet wet with mountain biking. For just the average person that knows how to ride a bike, there isn’t too much to this course. But you may very well get your adrenaline pumping enough to want to try the more challenging courses! This course is a good introduction and allows you to take your time, try some small jumps and obstacles, and get a grasp on the sport.

Risk Takers

Here’s where things start to pick up! The “Screwdriver”, “Snakebite”, and “Brew Thru” Trails are where the trills start to increase. Trails start to narrow, the jumps become higher and longer. The pace quickens with more down hill action. Here you start to find more of the man-mad structures for jumps and the like! The noticeable feature I liked here was the “seawall”. It’s basically a turn that you’d see a bobsled go through during the Winter Olympics but made of wood. This will surely get the heart pumping, trying to gain enough speed to get “sideways” on this structure!

bryce bike park "seawall"These courses are great for the avid trail rider as well the expert who’s doing a warm up to get a feel for the slopes. But what’s great is that you don’t have to be an expert to attempt these courses. As long as you’re comfortable riding a bike and catching a bit of air, you’ll love these trails. It’s truly a great step up from the beginner courses, and can really let you see what the extreme courses might have to offer.

Let’s get EXTREME

Now we’ve reached the part of the story that everyone enjoys, the climatic finish! The “Car Bomb”, “Pickle Back”, and “Copperhead” Trails are where the most extreme thrill seekers go to test their down hill skills. These trails have some of the narrowest areas you can imagine to try and squeeze a human and bike through. These trails are probably difficult to hike, let alone bike down. With several extreme jumps that have some blind carries to other large structures that wind through the tight forest, this is where peril lurks. Only the most faint of heart should attempt these trails. If you do start down the slopes and find it might be too scary, you can always pull off to the side and find your way back to the easier courses ;). bryce bike park tight jump

Back to Base Camp

If you’re looking for a summer day or weekend retreat and would like an adventurous change of pace, check out Bryce Bike Park. Bryce Resort is located smack dab between Winchester and Harrisonburg. A short drive will provide a ton of fun. This Bike Park is extremely well received and the extreme doesn’t stop with the reviews. But I guess you’ll have to give it a shot and let us know what you think!

We recommend turning the weekend of June 6th into a fun overnight stay at Bryce Resort. There’ll be so many things going on and so many activities to do – Bryce’s Bike Park is only the beginning! Zip lines, golf, and BryceFest await you; get out there and have some fun!