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Bridal Registry Winchester, Virginia
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In our last blog, we wrote about changing trends with brides and grooms in developing their bridal registries. One of the things I have discovered is that many locals do not know  that the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley has great shopping opportunities. I’ve decided to start a  series about shopping in the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley. In interviewing our sponsors, I was also surprised to realize the number of women entrepreneurs who have followed  their passions and dreams to successfully own their own business. 

Many brides when they think of starting their bridal registry go to Macy’s, Target, Crate and Barrel, I have found three local companies owned by women that have very successful Bridal Registries.  Let me introduce you to one:

 located in historic Downtown Winchester, Virginia has had a successful bridal registry for over twenty two (22) years.  Their clients have come as far as sixty miles away to develop their gift list. Long known for their extensive line of invitations, locals and tourists will find that Kimberly’s is a great place to shop for linens, china, bath accessories and more. This is due to the specialty items they carry. With their new expansion, they have a whole new casual tabletop room, renovated & expanded paper/printing area, brand new renovated “bath shop” and the first ever in the USA “Thymes store in a store”.  2011 saw the opening of ‘the Kid’s Store Next Door’. Our 2 stores are over 8,000 sq. feet and overflowing with extraordinary gifts,  fine European linens, entertaining essentials, china, crystal, stationery, invitations (and the list goes on).

I do not think you can really evaluate a small business until you understand who is behind this business.  In interviewing Kimberly Sowers, I am struck by a woman who took a dream and spent twenty two years expanding and growing it into a successful entrepreneur reality.

Kimberly Sowers –

“Why I started my biz: I did not go to college because I had been a dancer and had an injury. I was coming home from taking my real estate exam in June 1989 (I was 18 yrs old) and my parents were in the process of buying two buildings in Downtown Winchester. All the way home in the car, I was thinking about a couple stores I liked that had beautiful linens and I have always been around antiques. So I went to my parents and said I think I would like to do a store in the building w/the big apple. We knew 

absolutely NOTHING about retail. I went around town to different banks & individuals & borrowed $30,000 to start the store. I opened 2 months later w/antiques & linens and it was really, really pitiful, but a start.”

 Twenty two years and counting, Kimberly’s is not pitiful.  It is a beautiful store capturing “Old world elegance, with a contemporary interpretation!”

Just as in the Wall Street Journal article on the new trends in a Bridal Registry.  Kimberly has also seen changes.  Definitely the most popular is entertaining barware.  The new Aluminum Serveware has replaced the old ‘polish me please’ sterling silver.  Part of Kimberly’s success is carrying fine lines of china not easily found.  These include Herend & Gien.  Gien is not exactly china.  It is faience.  “In crystal, Orrefors is wondeful and very unique.”                              

Kimberly said, “We compete very well with the big stores for one reason – our service.  To put it bluntly, ‘We do it right!’”

Just give Kimberly’s a call at toll free 800-967-8676 or email and maybe they have that “something spectacular” you’ve been searching for!  Brides and Grooms have a fun day building your bridal registry at Kimberly’s.

Join us at the Fall Bridal Show in Downtown Winchester at the George Washington Hotel on September 25, 2011.