Bon Voyage! Bucket Travels Europe

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Bon Voyage! Bucket Travels Europe
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Bucket Travels Europe!

Go Blue Ridge Travel’s Kids Trail mascot, Bucket the snail, recently got to travel to Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium! For being such a slow mover, she sure did get around fast! Let’s see where Bucket’s snail trail leads us!

Berlin, Germany

A rigid city with plenty of eye-catching architecture, Berlin is home to some of the greatest moments in history. Bucket was able to see what’s left of the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie, which separated East and West Berlin after WWII. She also got to see the Fernsehturm, a TV tower centrally located to the city, which boasts the highest point in all of Berlin. There, she enjoyed a wonderful dinner while 203 meters up in the air! Lastly, Bucket visited the Brandenburg Gate, a relic from the 18th century, and one of Germany’s most iconic locations.

From left to right: Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower

From top to bottom: Waterfront buildings, NEMO Science Museum Right: Bucket enjoys a historical boat tour

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

This city was one of the greatest culturally fulfilling places this little snail has ever been! Bucket posed with the best-of-the-best wax celebrities at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, took a historical boat tour through Amsterdam’s canals, and stopped to smell Holland’s tulips and try their world famous chocolate! A city with a healthy mixture of great people, amazing sights and food, and natural beauty, Bucket didn’t want to leave Amsterdam!

Bruges, Belgium 

Slowly pacing her way through the city, Bucket was really able to appreciate the old-world feel Bruges maintained. Combined with things like cobblestone streets and medieval buildings, the town provided a lesson in history while also catering to newer, more tourist-y interests: your standard Belgian waffle, a huge assortment of delectable chocolate, and shops as far as snail eyes can see (which is actually quite far)!

Bucket had such an amazing time traveling overseas, but was thankful to come back home to the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley. While visiting famous historical sites is nice, some people would prefer to go somewhere warm with sun and sand! If you’re one of those people, consults Alpha Voyages to set up a wonderful beach getaway!

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