The Butterfly House Back Home on the Farm

Great experience with nature for all ages in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Grand Opening each June - Hundreds of butterflies will be released in our specially enclosed greenhouse and experts are on hand to answer questions and help you with your up-close and personal visit with our butterflies.

Come visit our one of a kind butterfly house! Native species are released into our specially designed gardens and live there all summer before being released to make their way south for the winter. Come enjoy these beautiful creatures, learn about their life cycles, plants they like, all in a setting of enchanting miniature fairy gardens.

This exhibit is different from most butterfly conservatories, in that we want our guests to be able to not only visit with the butterflies — but to observe all the stages of their life cycle. Visitors can also learn about plants that can attract these beauties to your flower gardens.   Depending on the week, you may find Monarchs, Black Swallowtails, Buckeyes, Painted Ladies, Fritillaries, Mourning Cloaks or  Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies — just to name a few.  

The summer season ends mid-August with the release of the remaining butterflies in order to prepare for our fall season.  It is our hope this year to be able to tag the Monarchs that have been raised on the farm upon release so that they can be included as part of the national migration studies.

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The Butterfly House Back Home on the Farm
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