Kids Square Children's Museum

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Kids Square Children's Museum

The Don and Barbara Smith Children’s Museum exists to further Center in the Square’s mission to enhance education, economic development and quality of life. Kids Square offers interactive exploration opportunities for children and families in a playful environment, allowing children to learn through hands-on experience and pretend play.

Exhibits include:

THE TOWN: A kid-sized make-believe town where children can shop in a grocery store, play act as a doctor or dentist, film themselves for the local news station, role play as a banker or a teacher and visit a local medical clinic. It’s educational, immersive, and entertaining for kids of all ages.

•THE FOREST: Tree forts, a rock climbing wall, musical hobbit houses and camping are just a few of the activities that will get little ones moving.

•THE THEATER: A stage with costumes, props and unlimited opportunities for imaginative play.

•THE SALON: Design and style is put into the hands of children as they imagine and create hair styles that dazzle.

•SENSORY SENSITIVE AREA: This area is specifically designed for children that have sensory challenges, but can be enjoyed by children of any age or development level. Cause and effect lighting, dim atmosphere and tactile walls are options to help generate involvement.

•THE DIG PIT: Kids pretend to dig in our kid-friendly mess-free sand box. Granulated rubber provides a great tactile experience as well.

•BUILDING ZONE: Families come together to build anything, limited only by their imaginations, using Lincoln logs, blocks, Legos and more. Your creativity does the rest!

•CALL 8-1-1: Learn how important it is to “Call before you dig” from this interactive exhibit.

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Kids Square Children’s Museum
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