Harpers Ferry Adventure Center Ropes Course

Self Guided Three Level Challenge Course

This is a self-guided experience on a three-level high challenge course.

 There are seven levels of difficulty with over 50 cable and rope bridges including zip lines. Pick your own level of challenge and height. Safety is our highest priority.   Our Aerial Park is built to meet the standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).  After attending our safety presentation, you will be equipped with a fitted harness and helmet and other other necessary safety equipment.  This equipment allow you to connect to the safety system on the course.

Staff are available to prepare you for your experience and to coach and help along the way if needed.  While your safety is our priority, as with any adventurous activity, the aerial park activities involve inherent risks that cannot be eliminated.

There is a lower level for kids which can be easily coached and monitored by Mom and Dad. Open to kids  at least 36”tall.

The middle and upper levels are open to those 10 and older who are at least 48” tall.

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Self Guided Three Level Challenge Course

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Harpers Ferry Adventure Center Ropes Course
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