Barefoot Puppets Presents: Tales From Down Under

Begins: Jul 04
Ends: Jul 04

Enjoy delightful characters, imaginative storytelling, and beautiful puppets.

For the third consecutive year, Richmond’s Barefoot Puppets brings their beautiful puppets, delightful characters and imaginative storytelling back to Harrisonburg for a special July 4th performance at Court Square Theater. Their latest original performance, Dreamtime, Tales from Down Under, was inspired by three traditional tales of the Aborigines of Australia and is told through the eyes of Billy, an inquisitive young platypus. In these “How and Why” tales, you’ll learn how the emu became a flightless bird and why the platypus looks so strange. In the final story, you’ll even meet a giant, bloated, ocean-swallowing frog! Barefoot Puppets have been performing original works since 1997 when founder and director, Heidi Rugg, began building puppet shows from the basement of her home in Richmond, Virginia. From these humble beginnings, the company has grown significantly and now tours nationally to libraries, schools, and theaters while continuing to create enriching new works for children and their families. Please visit or call (540) 433-9189 for more information or to purchase tickets.

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Barefoot Puppets Presents: Tales From Down Under