Back Home on the Farm - Country Tea Parties

From a country tea and a carousel ride to fun on the farm,

An aging Duchess is rumored to have started the custom of afternoon tea in the early 19th century in Great Britain. The hours were long between breakfast and dinner, the only meals of the day then. She started the tradition by having a pot of tea and light snacks privately in her boudoir in the afternoon. Later friends joined her and she laid out quite a sumptuous fare.

English hostesses copied the Duchess — and now, the tea time custom has been embraced by Back Home-on the Farm. And we’ve added a delightful country twist with a nod to our heritage here in Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.

Step back in time …
Start a new tradition this year with a Country Tea celebration in a unique setting! Our menu focuses on locally-sourced products, some grown on our farm! Our artisan fare is fresh, homemade, and delightful

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Back Home on the Farm – Country Tea Parties
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