Arbor Day Tree and Native Plant Sale at the EJC Arboretum

Call Us: (540)-568-3194
Begins: Apr 20
Ends: Apr 21

For savvy gardeners wanting a garden filled with plants tailored by Mother Nature to be suited to regional climate and precipitation, the EJC Arboretum's Native Plant Sale is the right place to shop. Shop hard-to-find native plants, shrubs, and trees. See below or visit the arboretum website, for examples of plants, shrubs and trees that will be offered at the sale. Plan your landscaping improvements, and then come to the EJC Arboretum Arbor Day Trees and Native Plant Sale!

From 9:00am-3:00pm each day. 

TREES - dogwoods; redbuds; fringe tree; serviceberry; northern red, willow, blackjack, English & chestnut oaks; river birch; dove tree; variegated sweet gum; flowering cherries; little-leaf linden; yellowwood; bald cypress; false cypress; magnolias; arborvitaes; hornbeam; honey locust; vitex.

SHRUBS - elderberry; fragrant sumac; sweet shrub; hydrangeas; buttonbush; beautyberry; witch hazels; evergreen rhododendrons; summersweet; hollies; snowberry; red & black chokeberry; ninebark.

PERENNIAL WILDFLOWERS - wild columbine; goatsbeard; meadow anemone; wild ginger; hepatica; foam flower; bloodroot; 4 species of trillium; Dutchman's breeches; trout lily; Jack-in-the-pulpit; Virginia bluebells; shooting star; blue cohosh; dwarf crested iris; Jacob's ladder; black cohosh; phlox; blue-eyed grass; cardinal flower; coreopsis; false indigo; milkweeds; poppy mallow; bee balm; rattlesnake plantain; ferns.

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Arbor Day Tree and Native Plant Sale at the EJC Arboretum
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