81 DHURO Bike Race

Bryce and Massanutten resort team up to provide you with the ultimate bike race!

We are joining forces with Bryce Bike Park to bring you an end of the season 2 mountains, 2 days, 4 combined runs dhuro race! Come show your skills on the two different styles Virginia's bike parks have to offer! There will be cash prizes, awards, and trophies for winners.

@ Bryce Resort 

Trash Can and Pickle Back

@ Massanutten Resort 

World Cup and All or Nutten

Four Run Combined Time Format


-Pro men, veteran men (40+)

-Amateur men, jr. men (<18)

-Pro women, amateur women, jr. women (<18)

Registration is $120 prior to 10/1, $150 after 10/1. All pros $150, Season pass holders at Massanutten and Bryce $80. For more info or to register, please visit http://bit.ly/2vsSv9G.


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81 DHURO Bike Race
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